Ready to Live In Glorious Technicolour?

What’s in the way of what you want?

Whether it’s not getting the job you wanted, not reaching the heights of business success, or not having the figure you dream of, your results blockers are at play constantly.

Results Blockers are things that get in the way of us living our Technicolour Lives.

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Hear from the founder of The Purple Hair Revolution and author of Dye Your Hair Purple Sooner, Lorraine Hamilton…

Hi I’m Lorraine

I’m a Scottish kiwi based in Greater Wellington, mother of teenage daughters, former radio-frequency engineer and lover of tea, cake and Firefly.

I also spent years being an expert chameleon desperately trying to blend into the background in a bid to ‘fit in’ which left me living in the grey, instead of living a life of glorious technicolour.

I’ve spent nearly a decade-and-a-half helping other ambitious, yet cautious, business owners and professionals find their ‘Dye Your Hair Purple Sooner’ moment resulting in them living bold, authentic and genuine lives.



Lorraine Hamilton PCC is an internationally accredited Professional Coach. She works with a small number of clients 1:1 either in person or virtually. 

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Online courses are a great way to get the benefits of Lorraine’s 15 years of experience.  Based on her experience with 1000s of clients and grounded in neuroscience, Lorraine’s courses will get you unstuck on your own schedule.

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There are also a large number of Blog and vlog posts that help build your Clarity, Courage and Commitment to consistent action.

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