Ready to Become A Successful And Masterful Coach?

You know deeply that you are capable of more, but something just keeps getting in your way.

Hi I’m Lorraine Hamilton and I am your secret weapon when you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain scared in your coaching business.

Whether you need the Skills you need to be the most confident coach you can be, the Strategy to make a living from making a difference, or the Courage to scale your coaching business to the next level, you are in the right place.

I’ve been a practising coach for the past decade, and I’ve spent that time exploring what it really takes to be a successful coach. (Right down to what success actually means!)

This is a place for coaches to find their feet, and flex their wings before soaring to new heights.

{You don’t need more strategy or information, you need to get out of your own way. You can eliminate self-sabotage, you can quieten your inner critic, you can bust through your upper limits. And you might just find that it’s easier and far less painful than you imagine.}

“I had already heard soooo many great things about Lorraine so I was not surprised to be blown away, but what she can do with just a few words blows my mind! Thanks Lorraine for such amazing insights!”

Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Coach School – Certified Professional Coach

In order to be the most confident and effective coach you can be, you need world class training.  The ICF Accredited Certified Professional Coach certification from Coach School gives you exactly that.

Learn from Lorraine, who has been a practising coach for over a decade, what it takes to become a masterful coach.

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Above the Noise Mentoring

The key to Confidence, Clarity and Clients is standing out above the noise so uniquely and authentically, it’s as if the competition has melted away.

Lorraine has learned that it takes a blend of Mindset and Messaging mastery to attract the perfect clients to your practice.  In this tried and tested program, you will learn what it really takes to make a living from making a difference.

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“I’ve tripled my prices!”

Dani Strong

Vitality Coach

Side-By-Side Coaching

You know that you are capable of so much more, if you could only get out of your own way. Successful coaches recognise that their own inner work is the key to making a bigger impact in the world.

Side-by-side coaching is perfect for coaches who are already generating revenue of 6-figures, or are tracking towards it.

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“Lorraine is beyond awesome and boy does she know her stuff!” I always end up with having numerous light bulb moments as well as a really good laugh!! She is the perfect example of why coaching works and is a must investment for anyone running a biz.

Barbara Nixon

Leadership Coach

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The Experiment

The Experiment is exactly that – it is me treating my business from the perspective of experimentation and observing the difference it makes to my own fear, procrastination and perfectionism.

Do you have an Inner Critic?

You have a passion to help your clients to succeed with their life changing goals, and you are uniquely placed to do so. But sometimes they share something with you that you just can’t seem to get past, or you wonder what else you could do to help them become truly empowered and mindful in their life.

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