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You have a passion to help your clients to succeed with their life changing goals, and you are uniquely placed to do so.  But sometimes they share something with you that you just can’t seem to get past, or you wonder what else you could do to help them become truly empowered and mindful in their life.

You’ve considered adding a life coaching qualification to your toolkit, but aren’t quite sure if it’s worth it, since your core business is not coaching.

Life coaching continues to be a fast growing industry and is a great way to make a deeper impact with your clients.

Here are 10 ways that a formal life coaching qualification can help you in your current business.


  1.      Switch from problem solver to solution facilitator.
  2. You are already helping your clients to see the possibilities of a better life by following your guidance. As a trained life coach however you will be able to guide them towards their own answers; empowering your clients in this way, means that your guidance and expert advice is far more likely to stick for a lifetime.


    1. Go beyond the surface and have a deeper impact,so that your clients work with you longer and refer more business to you.
  1. Life coaching is powerful and can multiply the impact of your work exponentially. The result is that your clients have a far more impactful experience with you, and so your relationship with them flourishes.  The result of that is long lasting relationships and more referrals.
    1. Attract media opportunities and favourable joint venture opportunitiesby negotiating win-win agreements

    Life coach training doesn’t just help your clients, it helps you too! When you understand people in the way that life coach training teaches you to, you can begin to pitch for media slots and joint venture opportunities in a way that seems irresistible for the other party.

    1. Deal with conflict swiftly and elegantly

    Conflict and misunderstandings are unnecessary energy drains for you and your business growth. Life coach training will give you tools to elegantly manage conflict when it rears its ugly head, in a way that feels great for you and the other person.

    1. Be seen as a leader in your industry

    As your reputation for outstanding results for your clients grows, and your media appearances increase, your presence as a leader in your field comes naturally, authentically, and organically.

    1. Get past your clients’ resistance to change

    Change is inherently dangerous to our survival and so it is natural that your clients, however much they want the change consciously, are going to be resistant unconsciously. Life coach training will help you to work with your clients to move safely through that resistance and into the success zone with your help.

    1. Communicate confidently and effectively

    The meaning of communication is the response you get. What if you could predict the response that you might get in most situations, and have the communication tools and strategies to deal with any situation that arises?  Life coach training helps you to hone outstanding communication skills.

    1. Stand out in your field with a unique value proposition

    When you hold a life coach certification from a reputable school, you build a deep level of trust with your clients. They know that they are in safe hands. and that you are equipped to deal with not only their functional health and wellbeing, but also their mental wellbeing.  (And as a trained coach, you will know when to refer your clients on to professionals in the medical profession.)

    1. Expand your reach by offering coaching as a gateway to your wellness/healing business

    As more people search for guidance and inspiration in today’s world, and life coaching becomes more and more the norm, you can grow your existing business by offering life coaching as a service that compliments your core offering. This opens your business up to a whole new clientele, who may use all of your services, and refer their networks to you.

    1. Expand your practice by attracting and keeping the best talent using your coaching skills

    It’s not just clients who will be drawn to your practice, you will also attract and keep, the most talented team members to grow your business.  Taking a coaching approach to leadership has proven time and again to foster the best and most successful company cultures.

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