by | Jun 6, 2017 | Personal Development


As a coach the first thing I do with my new clients is to identify their goals.  After all, if we don’t know what we are working towards, how will we know when

a) we’ve reached it, or
b) we’re even on the right track?

Time and again I see people get sidetracked from their own goals into a world of marketing madness, which is really just the modern day equivalent of the wolf tempting Little Red Riding Hood off her path.  Ok, well maybe not, but it IS a distraction.

I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this are not passionate about working 90 hours a week to build funnels and websites, or understand the lingo of landing pages and FB pixels.  (And if you are, then I can connect you with some very clever people who can help you with that.)


It’s far more likely that you are passionate about making a living from making a difference.

So let’s get back to basics and set some goals that work for YOU, not just straying from the path to the next big thing in online marketing.

Because the truth is, that the people who are telling you about the next big thing, probably don’t have the same goals you do right now, so their drive and desire for the work involved are completely different.  

Now it’s beginning to make sense, right?

There are a few steps to setting goals that will keep you on track.


1. Values check-in.  

When did you last check in with what is most important to you?  Values are our moral compass, and exploring values is the first step to understanding the right goals for you.
Values and their priority change at different times in our life, so I encourage you to check in with them regularly.  You can use a tool like the Wheel of Life to check your values.


2. Creating the Vision. 

Now that you know what’s most important to you, you need to know what that value would look like at 100%.
This is where we can begin to see opportunities for goal setting.  For example, if Health is a priority value for you, then we can begin to set business goals that allow you to create more time and space for your health (I’ve been doing exactly that for this past year).
Similarly if wealth and security are high priority values, then there are goals we can set that satisfy those.  If contribution or impact are high priority values, then the goals might be different.

So you see why it is important to do that values work first?


3. Find the Resistance.

Now that you have your goals, let’s look at the smartest way to achieve them.  This is where it is enormously helpful to work with a coach.  At this point, we begin to get scared, and that’s no bad thing – if you know how to handle it.  When we want change, we trigger our internal and ancient safety instinct which wants to keep us safe at all costs.  And safe usually means staying where you are.  Pay attention to the resistance that you feel – this is your greatest opportunity for growth.

4. Chunk your goal into tiny tasks.  

The fastest way to trigger your fight/flight/freeze mechanism is by trying to do too much.
Chunk your goals into smaller blocks, and then chunk them into even smaller tasks until every step on the way to succeeding is small enough to not procrastinate over.
Did you know that procrastination and perfectionism are just moder
n day equivalents of fight/flight/freeze?
I start with a 5x5 plan: first I chunk my big goals into 5 smaller chunks, then I chunk those smaller goals into 5 tasks.  If the tasks are still large I will further chunk them down until they are manageable.


There you have it, 4 steps to staying on your own path.


The chances are that if you are spending all your time on social media and writing blogs, and that’s not clearly aligned with your priority values, that you need a different way to look at your business.  That’s why I created Mindset and Message Mastery.

Mindset & Message Mastery will provide you with the tools to understand what is getting in your way, on your way to success. It will help you connect the dots to Confidence, Clarity and, most importantly, Clients.