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Once upon a time there were two entrepreneurs; Little Miss Perfect and Little Miss I Don’t Care

Little Miss Perfect knows how to be successful – she’s studied it. In her previous life she was a high achiever. In school she was top of her class.  At university, she worked hard, but she aced it.  And everyone told her she’d go far.

After a successful corporate career in marketing, Little Miss Perfect decided to go out on her own – she had this ‘success’ thing sorted, right?

Little Miss I Don’t Care never really shone in school. She got by, but she didn’t stand out academically. Rather than hit the books, Little Miss I Don’t Care preferred to hit the track or the social circles.

When asked what she wanted to do, Little Miss I Don’t Care knew more what she didn’t want to do, and that was be tied down to someone else’s timetable or structure.

Little Miss I Don’t Care was much more of a free spirit than that.  She knew that with the right determination and a bit of graft that she could make anything happen.

And that’s what she did.

So where are our two budding entrepreneurs today?…

Well Little Miss I Don’t Care has had her share of ups and downs, but her leaps have been great. She’s built vastly successful businesses, lost it all, and built it all back up again. She’s renowned in her field as being gutsy and taking calculated risks.  She is also very well respected and attracts interest and joint ventures from other big players.

Little Miss Perfect is adored by her friends, family and small number of clients. But she is also her industry’s best kept secret.  And that is playing havoc with her bank balance and her inner critic.  She’s not afraid of investing in personal development and knowledge but has yet to really back herself in her endeavours, and it’s stalling her progress.

Which entrepreneur are you?…

Which entrepreneur are you

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