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Are you ready to break some 'rules' to live your life of purpose?

I'm Lorraine, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, coach trainer, mentor and speaker.

I eat, sleep, and breathe coaching and mindset work, because at its core, I believe that it makes us BRAVER.

And it takes bravery and courage to be the best version of our self, to ask for and go after what we truly want for ourselves, and the world.

I believe that there is no one right way, and I also believe that we each have inside us the potential to change for the better, and for the greater good.  Because when we change, we expand.

I've spent over a decade exploring, learning, experimenting, failing, breaking the 'rules', and observing.

What I have discovered is that in order to change, the discomfort of staying where you are must outweigh the discomfort of what you need to do to change. (I've also discovered many ways to ease that process of discomfort and change.)


My Story

So, how did this come to be?..

About 10 years ago I made a decision to uproot my husband and two young daughters and move from the safety of our home to the opposite side of the world and settle in Wellington, New Zealand, where we knew no-one.


That in and of itself is not a particularly unusual story - we all know someone who has emigrated, right?  But the pivotal part for me was other peoples' reactions to the move.


I have lost count of the number of people, both in my country of origin (Scotland) and in New Zealand that have remarked on how BRAVE it was to leave everything that I knew and start again 12,500 miles away.


The thing is though, I always felt like a fraud when people expressed those thoughts. You see, I didn't feel brave for going.




Brave to me would have been to stay, when I knew in my heart that there was more out there for me and my family.

Brave would have been to stay and ride out the feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration with my lot.

Brave would have been to continue to live in a way not aligned with my values.


To stay, THAT would have been the brave thing to do.


I remember driving to my very first coach certification training back in 2006.  The course was taking place about 600 miles from my home at the time.  Back then there was no Spotify and I had no mp3 player.  It was one CD at a time in the car stereo.  The CD that got the most airtime on that 1200 mile round trip was "Crush" by Bon Jovi.  That is the album that has, "It's My Life" on it, and that fast became, and has remained, the theme song for my life.


It's my life
It's now or never

I ain't gonna live forever

Like Frankie said
I did it my way

I just want to live while I'm alive


"You've got to make your own breaks"


I realised that wishing for change wasn't enough, I had to MAKE it happen, and there was no point in waiting.

Since then I have:

  • mentored and coached countless clients from all walks of life and from all over the world to their own version of success
  • been featured in numerous media outlets and podcasts
  • launched Coach School, my ICF accredited coach training certification program
  • written my first book
  • become a returning guest trainer for the Foundations Of Healthy Living monthly retreats
  • contributed to Emmy-award winner Natalie MacNeil's Conquer Club
  • created an award-winning corporate culture
  • left a secure 6-figure corporate job to follow my passion full time


and 2018 will see two amazing partnerships bring my work to a much wider audience.


My work is a fusion of all that experience as well as formal training in everything I can find that will assist me in my mission - from hard neuroscience right through to more spiritual modalities.


Making my own breaks, and helping others to do the same, is what I dedicate my life to through coaching, teaching and mentoring so that as many people as possible can be brave enough to be the best version of themselves and go after what they want for themselves, and the world.


I am committed to telling the truth of success and coaching, not some shiny marketing brochure, because that does not serve you, or me, the coaching industry or my mission.


My own success - and I am careful when I use that term as success itself is an experience, not a full stop - has come from learning, failing, dusting myself off, taking risks and trying again.


That has led to breakthroughs, tears (of pain and joy), resilience, learning and confidence.


You might call it bravery or courage...


Welcome to my digital home, it's a pleasure to meet you. <3


Some of the places I've been featured

Media Info

That’s the real story, here’s the Professional About Page stuff…

Lorraine stands for making sure that world class coaching is available to as many clients as possible through her coaching and training programs addressing the Skills, Strategy and Mindset that masterful, and successful, coaches need to demonstrate.

Lorraine is an award-winning international coach who has won critical acclaim life, business, wellness and corporate environments.

Talk to Lorraine about:

  • World class coach training certification (with no nasty surprises)
  • Adding an accredited coach training program to your existing brand
  • Building your coaching practice authentically
  • Mastering your mindset to scale your successful coaching practice

Using a blend of powerful mindset work coupled with extraordinary communication insights, Lorraine’s clients stand out from the crowd so uniquely and authentically, it’s as if the competition has melted away.
An insightful and authentic coach, Lorraine can zero in on what makes her clients unique, special and in demand much to their delight.

Lorraine is the author of a book to assist with the psychological blocks to weightloss, is a regular contributor to Natalie MacNeil's Conquer Club, a returning mindset expert at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat for patients of weightloss surgery, and is the resident coach at ROOOAR Magazine.

Lorraine has long held a passion for cars and you’ll usually find her zipping about in one of her collection sporting brightly coloured hair.

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"Lorraine is beyond awesome and boy does she know her stuff!" I always end up with having numerous light bulb moments as well as a really good laugh!! She is the perfect example of why coaching works and is a must investment for anyone running a biz.

Barbara Nixon

Leadership Coach , Barbara Nixon

"I had already heard soooo many great things about Lorraine so I was not surprised to be blown away, but what she can do with just a few words blows my mind!"

Maria-Ines Fuenmayor

Branding and Business Designer

Lorraine comes with something that is new and innovative and her unique approach really attracted me!"

In my opinion her program is worth thousands of dollars compared to the other marketing ‘formulas’ that I have tried. Lorraine is not at all pushy or salesy, and she has a genuine desire and love of seeing people succeed.

Trilby D Johnson

The Connective


For media info contact lorraine@lorrainehamilton.net

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