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Hey there ChangeMaker!
Are you ready to break some 'rules' to live your life of purpose?

My name is Lorraine Hamilton and I’ve spent the past 10 years discovering what it really takes to FIND, SPEAK and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.

And you might be surprised to learn that most of my breakthroughs have come from breaking the rules!

What do you need to know about me before we get going?

Well, first of all, as I alluded to above,  I’m a bit of a rule breaker!

Not in the sense of getting into trouble; more of curiously questioning the rules to make them more flexible. In the same way a 3-year-old asks ‘Why?’ to everything, I began to ask the same question about the advice that was being given to me around my business.

There is soooo much information out there and I have consumed A LOT of it. The trouble is though, that I put very little of it into action. It just didn’t feel good, and what I did act on sometimes still felt icky.

A couple of years ago, I began to look at things a bit differently. I don’t know if it was my age (I’m past that magic 40 so I care less about what others think), or increased confidence, or just reaching a point of frustration that triggered it. But whatever it was, it worked.

You see, I realised that the rules, blueprints and formulas were what had worked for those people who were promoting them – but they aren’t me.  (I know, right? So simple, yet so often overlooked.)

I have my own values, beliefs, fears, approach, challenges and vision for my purposeful life, and it was that tangled web of me that was keeping a lot of the information that I was consuming, from creating the results that it promised.

I believed that my worth was linked to my ability to sell.


I just wanted to ‘help people’ – why did I have to promote myself?


I believe that my work was intuitive and tailored for every client, and therefore not able to be leveraged.


I thought I could make it without fully committing to what I was doing.


I began to look at what was being peddled as ‘the route to success’ in a different way.


I could see what I wanted to create, but I couldn’t make it happen even when I took big risks.

I began to question whether there was a way that allowed me to have it all:
• awesome clients,
• work that fulfilled me,
• money in the bank,
• time with my family without the ‘icky’ marketing and sales part. The part that felt like pushing uphill all…the…time.

When I sought to address that part of it, I only got so far. The response to my pleas for help was to ‘harden up’, ‘do more’, ‘push through’.

I kept looking for another answer.

I was pretty persistent because it took me years of searching to actually find the key, and it was a lot closer to home than I knew.

It was me.

Yup, it was me,

• getting in my own way.
• Putting up obstacles,
• looking for the idiot’s guide to success,
• looking somewhere/anywhere than where I needed to go.


Because I was afraid!

I was afraid that if I scrutinised myself I wouldn’t measure up, I wouldn’t be able to do what was necessary to become visible and speak about my purpose with authority.

I wasn’t afraid of hard work, just not that hard work.

But here’s the thing, with a different, curious perspective, the work isn’t that hard. Once you have your internal voice lined up with your external voice, it becomes a whole lot easier.

Here’s what I learned and put into practice to see results:

You don’t have to be a carbon copy of the gurus, because it likely won’t work for you the way it worked for them anyway.
Your real competitive edge is your uniqueness, your ability to be unapologetically you.
You do not need to be ‘sold to’, nor do you need to sell. If it doesn’t feel right, get out of there quick! *

I now work with people who feel the exactly the same. They call me their ‘SECRET WEAPON’ in their business!

They are high-achievers who know that they are capable of living a purposeful life, but they don’t fit into a box. I imagine that you are similar (but not identical!)

* (By the way, I will never sell to you, nor invite you to a conversation that you feel you can’t get out of. It doesn’t serve me, nor does it serve you.)

That’s the real story, here’s the Professional About Page stuff…

Lorraine stands for making sure that world class coaching is available to as many clients as possible through her coaching and training programs addressing the Skills, Strategy and Mindset that masterful, and successful, coaches need to demonstrate.

Lorraine is an award-winning international coach who has won critical acclaim life, business, wellness and corporate environments.

Talk to Lorraine about:

  • World class coach training certification (with no nasty surprises)
  • Adding an accredited coach training program to your existing brand
  • Building your coaching practice authentically
  • Mastering your mindset to scale your successful coaching practice

Using a blend of powerful mindset work coupled with extraordinary communication insights, Lorraine’s clients stand out from the crowd so uniquely and authentically, it’s as if the competition has melted away.
An insightful and authentic coach, Lorraine can zero in on what makes her clients unique, special and in demand much to their delight.

Lorraine is the author of a book to assist with the psychological blocks to weightloss, is a regular contributor to Natalie MacNeil's Conquer Club, a returning mindset expert at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat for patients of weightloss surgery, and is the resident coach at ROOOAR Magazine.

Lorraine has long held a passion for cars and you’ll usually find her zipping about in one of her collection sporting brightly coloured hair.

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