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1. Is the program accredited? And for how many hours?

    • Yes.  Coach School’s Certified Professional Coach Program is accredited with ICF for 82 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours which means that graduates may apply for ICF credentialing through the ACSTH Path.


2. How is the training delivered?

    • Training is delivered online via your own personal learning portal. Each module provides training on a coach specific topic or skill as well as a number of exercises for you to complete (and then use with your coaching clients.)
    • Submit your coursework and get personalised and individual feedback from your trainer to deepen your learning.
    • Fortnightly live calls are provided for mentoring, support, and additional learning.  
    • Students can be based anywhere in the world and can access the training provided they have an internet connection.


3. How big are the class sizes? What level of attention will I get?

    • Coach School is designed to be far more boutique than bootcamp, and operates as more of a mentorship than a course. Every student receives 6 months of one-to-one mentoring, and since they have access to the other students going through Coach School, it is a truly intimate experience.
    • As well as 12 one-to-one mentoring sessions over the first 6 months, each student will receive comprehensive feedback on their coursework as well as having their questions answered directly on the live calls and in our closed FB Group.
    • Students also receive individual guidance and feedback on their coaching skills from their trainer.
    • Students will also receive guidance on how to set up their coaching business, tailored to their coaching vision. This would not be possible in a large, class environment.


4. What is the curriculum?


5. What experience do the trainers have? Does the provider help you with the business end of coaching?  To what degree

    • Coach School’s trainer, Lorraine Hamilton, has over a decade of experience of coaching in life, business, health and corporate arenas and has built a successful global practice from the ground up.
    • In addition to the skills that you will learn in the Certified Professional Coach program, students will also learn how to attract their ideal clients, and how to deal with their own mindset challenges when promoting their coaching practice.  Lorraine is uniquely positioned to be able to share real world coaching business experience alongside the teaching of coaching skills.


6. What practical 1:1 feedback will I get on my coaching skills?

    • Each student will be an active part of a 3-person coaching group. Each student will take turns to perform the function of coach, client and observer to give vital feedback on the core coaching skills that they are learning.  In addition, each student will get feedback on their skills from their trainer 5 times.
    • Students may also get feedback on their skills by coaching their own clients rather than be part of a coaching triad.


7. Can you get support after the training is complete?

    • There are a number of ways to continue your support once you graduate from Coach School, from the free Facebook Community, to ongoing 1:1 mentoring.  Lorraine is always adding value to students, and they will get lifetime access to Coach School offerings to support and continue to grow in both their skills, and their business.


8. What is involved in achieving certification?

  • Completion of course exercises
  • Online exam pass
  • 100 hrs of coaching recorded in coaching log
  • 5 assessed coaching calls
  • 10 hrs of mentor coaching


9. How much does it cost?

    • What is the total cost of the course and options for payment?  – $5997 USD (credentialing is extra and payable directly to ICF)
    • Do you need to pay extra for assessments? – No
    • Is there a payment plan available? And is there a surcharge for paying by installment?  – Yes you select a 6, 9 or 12 month payment plan   (there is a small admin fee associated with the payment plan)  
    • Are there necessary textbooks or course materials that are not covered in the advertised cost? – No


10. Is there a refund policy?

    • Coach School is not a marketing machine. We have no desire to lock students into something that is not a great fit.
    • It does not serve you, nor the coaching industry and our vision for Coach School.
    • That is why we are offering a 14 day Money Back Guarantee, from your enrollment date.
    • You will receive the first 4 modules of content, plus be able to attend live calls to ensure that Coach School is right for you.
    • (Refund requests will be subject to a $100 USD admin fee. Please make your selection carefully, or schedule a call to have your concerns addressed BEFORE signing up )