Don't Spend Another Penny On Coaching Programs Until You've Completed Your Coaching Quest

Tired of Not Getting The Results The Gurus Promise?

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    Are you overwhelmed with what to do first to get your coaching business off the ground?
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    Do you buy program after program to learn the 'magic bullet', yet are still not seeing results?
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    Maybe self-doubt is creeping in, and you are beginning to wonder if you will ever make a living from making a difference?

Hi, I'm Lorraine, and I spent years being the poster child for what not to do to build a successful coaching business... until now.

Create your 12 month coaching business framework.... avoiding self-doubt and financial ruin

You've tried to solve this problem before by hiring expensive mentors who showed you what THEY did to become successful, but it didn't work because they are not you, and their goals and drivers are not the same as yours are right now.

There is another way, and I'm here as your guide to help you find the framework for the next 6-12 months of YOUR coaching business, that doesn't leave you feeling like a fraud.

Imagine yourself just a few months from now with clients on your books, a clear offer, the right tools for you, and such a strong vision of what you need to do next that you never find yourself in a pattern of procrastination.  

Imagine playing to your strengths, not those of the 'gurus'.

What if you could share your passion without having to hustle every hour of the day and night?

What if you could spend your days really making a living from making a difference?  And not in a frenzy of low-paid or free activities that bring you a sea of people who can't afford you.  

What if you could make a living working part time hours, connecting with influencers and creating smart partnerships that reap rewards?

It all begins with Coaching Quest

Coaching Quest is an adventure into your own personal discovery that results in crystal clear direction for your coaching practice.

It works because it is all about YOU, first and foremost.

Regardless of where you are currently, there are smart ways to reach the next level.

You see most of what you might have learned about getting your coaching business off the ground is wrong for today's coaches.

That's why I created Coaching Quest. It's different to any other program that is available because it walks you through the process of creating your own map to success, not someone else's.

Coaching Quest will help you create the framework you need to get you through the next 6-12 months in your coaching business based on what you already have.

You see there are a few pieces that you are just not being told.

I've been in the coaching business since 2006 and in that time I have probably done just about everything wrong. I was a great student and consumer of information. I worked really, really hard on applying what I had learned. And I really thought that I had done everything right, yet I wasn't reaping the rewards my mentors thought I should be.  

I grew tired of hearing how much 'potential' I had - I couldn't seem to tap into it!

After a few years of struggling and trial and error, I began to stumble on the invisible secrets to actually getting ahead, but these were things that weren't being shared in my courses and programs.

And it wasn't until I began to attract more and more coaches who were struggling with the exact same thing, that I realised that it wasn't just my problem - there was something missing in the industry.

Given that coaching is a growing industry, I cannot stand by and not share the truth of what it really takes to be a successful coach today.

And so Coaching Cornerstones, and Coaching Quest were born.

This isn't just another program filled with big promises.
Here is why Coaching Quest will work for you...


Intentionally short and easy to digest with simple exercises that you will see the results of quickly.


Thought provoking concepts that are not being taught anywhere else like this.


What you really need to get started where you are, (and what you don't!)

Although Coaching Quest is a fun and lighthearted adventure, it has been designed with the real world in mind with practical advice and stories that you will see yourself in.

Statistics show that the coaching industry is continuing to boom, and there IS enough for everyone (I show you exactly why that is inside of Coaching Quest). But knowing that alone, is not enough to make a living from making a difference (trust me, I tried.)

In the grand scheme of things you don't need another program or course, you need a map.

A treasure map to your version of success.

That's what Coaching Quest is.  It's everything you need to consider and find on your coaching adventure (from a coach, not a marketer) in bite-sized chunks - because let's face it, you've got enough on your plate already.

What Will Coaching Quest Do For You?

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    You'll leave with a clear view of what your coaching practice looks like right now, so that you can grow and nurture it, without going bankrupt in the process.
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    Current Assets
    You'll understand how to use what you already have to create the right offer to ensure profitability now.
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    You'll know what the most common pitfalls are and how to avoid them.
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    You'll put the right support structures in place for you over the coming months and years to ensure sustainable success.
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    Lifetime access ensures that you can revisit your quests as your practice evolves - in fact, I encourage it.
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    Plus you'll get your simple questions answered by me personally through your learning portal and the opportunity to book short, quest-busting sessions when you need them.*

* an additional fee is payable for Quest Busting sessions

How Does It Work?

As soon as you sign up you will receive access to Coaching Quest in its entirety, so you can move through your adventure at your own pace.

Follow the lessons in order and complete the 'quests' for each.

Each lesson allows you to ask me a simple question about that quest if you get stuck.

There's a mixture of text, supporting articles and videos to help you navigate your quest.

Coaching Quest will save you months, or even years as well as well as hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on expensive subscriptions and programs that you don't need right now, and are not the magic bullet.

Coaching Quest is the result of over a decade of both real world experience, as well as working with hundreds of other coaches who have invested thousands looking for the magic bullet (myself included.) What was missing though, was treating the coach as an individual, instead promising formula after formula, which missed the fundamental differences in our drivers.

 Your Coaching Quest Adventure Begins Here...

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    Defining The Destination 1: we can't begin our quest without knowing where we want to head. You'll gain absolute clarity on the right goal for you.  
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    Defining The Destination 2: this is where we begin to turn things on their head. Let's really define what success means for you.
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    ​Understanding The Territory 1: you can't pack for your adventure unless you know the terrain you'll be traversing and I'll share why I turned my business on its head a while back.
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    Understanding The Territory 2: what does a typical week really look like?
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    Tools & Supplies: what do you actually need to pack? With an overwhelming array of tools and solutions for your coaching business, we look at the ones you need right now based on your Destination and Territory.
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    Pitfalls To Avoid: the best adventures are filled with danger. We look at the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them as you continue your journey...
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    ​A Helping Hand 1 : every intrepid explorer gets some help along the way. In this lesson we look at leveraging the media to help you build your following.
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    ​A Helping Hand 2 : hiring a coach or mentor, or joining a mastermind can be one of the best moves you can make. But which is the right option for you, and how do you select the right one without making costly mistakes?
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    Staking Your Claim: I'm afraid that being seen is a non-negotiable, but I introduce a simple way to stand out that feels really good in this lesson.
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    ​Keep On, Keeping On: one of the things my clients tell me is that I am the only one who tells them the truth about what it really takes to be successful. In this lesson we build up your resilience for the long road ahead to ensure sustainable success.
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    ​Where To From Here?:  Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!

Here's what you should do next:

BEFORE you invest in another coach, mastermind, course or tool for your coaching practice, you should take Coaching Quest for a risk-free test drive.

This is your map to the resources that you REALLY need for your coaching business

1.     Register NOW: follow the link below to register risk-free for all 11 quests that walk you through your Coaching Quest adventure.
2.     Start TODAY: gain clarity and relief that you really can design your coaching practice to suit you. There's still work to do, but there is also flexibility based on your goals and dreams.
3.     Gain CONFIDENCE: the further through your adventure, the more confident you will become in your path forward.

What People Are Saying About Lorraine's Approach

“Lorraine is beyond awesome and boy does she know her stuff”

“I always end up with having numerous light bulb moments as well as a really good laugh!! She is the perfect example of why coaching works and is a must investment for anyone running a biz."

Barbara Nixon
- Executive Coach

“I learned more in 2 weeks working with Lorraine than I had in over a year of trying to figure it out by myself"

“And it just keeps getting better and better."

Rikki Ayers
- Woman In Charge, Be Rad Media

“Lorraine comes with something that is new and innovative and her unique approach really attracted me."

“In my opinion her program is worth thousands of dollars compared to the other marketing ‘formulas’ that I have tried.
Lorraine is not at all pushy or salesy, and she has a genuine desire and love of seeing people succeed.

Trilby Johnson
- Transformative Author, Energy Alchemist

Are you ready to join​ me on your Coaching Quest?

Unlike other programs you have tried Coaching Quest isn't trying to put you in a box, or teach you the 'magic bullet' to success. It's about freeing you from what you think you 'should' be doing, and helping you find your unique map to success in your coaching practice.

Get LIFETIME ACCESS for just $297

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Lorraine's sharp insights and ability to zero in on a person's mindset set her apart from the pack.

“There are those who try, and those who DO. Lorraine does, and with expert style and finesse”

Nancy Marmolejo
- Executive and Business Coach

“I tripled my prices!"

“Getting really clear on who I wanted to talk to and work with was the real success I had applying Lorraine's advice.  I've tripled my prices and am now attracting clients that I love!"

Dani Strong
- Vitality Coach

Working with Lorraine really opened my eyes...

“It has become very clear who our target market is and there has been a visible reduction! I now know exactly where I need to head and have the tools and confidence to do so.

Lorraine has shown me the light and opened my mind to things I didn’t know about my own business!"

Nicky Remkes

Lorraine Hamilton

Creator of Coaching Quest

About Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton’s clients call her their secret weapon. She is dedicated to helping others make a living from making a difference through her coaching, mentoring and certification programs.

A certified coach since 2006, owner of the ICF accredited Coach School, Lorraine is also a returning guest trainer at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat, as well as Natalie MacNeil's Conquer Club.  She is also proud to be the resident coach for ROOOAR Magazine, and the author of a growing number of books.

You've Got Questions, And I Have Answers

If you are anything like me you are tempted but there are a number of niggles that are holding you back from jumping straight in. I get it, I really do. Here are some of the things you might be thinking.

Can't I Figure This Out Myself?

There's no reason why you can't figure this out for yourself, I just hope that you do it faster than I did. I have worked with countless incredibly smart coaches over the years though, who haven't managed to figure this out. I do not see what I am teaching being shared anywhere else, so the question becomes, do you want to spend your time figuring it out or do you want to reach success faster?

I'm Not Sure I Can Afford It

Coaching Quest is just $297.  That's a real bargain for lifetime access to your map to success, don't you agree?  How much would it cost you to work with a coach to uncover YOUR blueprint to success (not theirs)? 

Does It Really Work?

You get out what you put in - just as your clients do when they work with you. I can give you the checkpoints in the journey and tell you what to pack, but as you will see in the 'Pitfalls To Avoid' lesson, unless you act, you won't see results.  It works when you do.

I'm Too Busy

Doing what? Are you certain that your strategy is the right one? If so, great, I'll move along, but if you've reached this far down the page, I'm guessing you're either intrigued or procrastinating (which we cover in the Pitfalls to Avoid lesson!)

Will It Work For Me?

Put it to the test and then decide!  By now you've probably convinced yourself that there is a ton of value in Coaching Quest, and that is absolutely true.  These are the steps that I, and many of my clients and colleagues have sometimes stumbled over, but have taken to really making a living from making a difference. Obviously I can't be certain that you'll do the same. I don't know you. So let's do this - take Coaching Quest for a test drive. If there is nothing in it that you feel is worth your investment, then I'll refund it, in full, and we'll part as friends. Sound fair? Enroll now, risk free.

I've Never Heard Of You

Ah, you see in part that is by design. MY blueprint is designed on my assets and strengths, and that means that I have been working in my practice quietly and lucratively for a number of years. I now feel that the time has come to share my particular brand of truth a little wider. (And at the demand of some of my clients who have been searching for someone like me for a while.) If this is the first that you have heard of me, you might want to take a look at Coaching Cornerstones which is a free series that outlines my position on the coaching industry. If you like what you hear, you can expect more of the same in Coaching Quest.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If there is nothing in it that you feel is worth your investment, within 14 days of purchase, then I'll refund it, in full, and we'll part as friends.

Sound fair?

Enroll now, risk free. 

Final Thought...

 If you were looking back on this moment from one year in the future, would you be happy with your progress?

The decision you make today, regardless of whether it is a yes or a no, will impact the course of your business.

Take advantage of this offer today because your future clients need you.

Copyright - Lorraine Hamilton/Think Program Ltd