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I am so sick of posts, memes and blogs telling me that all I have to do to be successful is find my truth.

Let me be brutally honest with you – it has taken me YEARS to find my truth.  In fact, I am still finding it.


You must have seen them, “All you have to do is be you”, or “Just speak your truth and it will come to you”.

The tricky thing is that what they are saying is absolutely true, so we have a bit of a dilemma.


But the thing is that the vast majority of us are ALWAYS going to start out comparing ourselves to others.

It’s in our fundamental make up.

Think about it…

When we are children we look to others to see how to behave. We act, then we are either rewarded or penalised – this informs our future behaviour.

Then we go to school and the same thing happens. We act and we are rewarded or penalised by our teachers, and by our peers, and so that also informs our behaviour, values and beliefs going forward.

And if we head into further education or the workplace, then the pattern continues.

All the time we are being influenced by those around us, and our experiences.  It is human nature.

Then we wander into the online arena and are told – speak your truth.

But how many of us truly know what our truth is?


I know many who have a lot to give, but who are afraid that their truth isn’t true enough, isn’t powerful or worthy enough, just isn’t ENOUGH and it is holding them back.

I know it held me back for long enough.

But what is really happening is that we believe that WE are not powerful enough, WE are not worthy enough, WE are not enough, and it is at that belief that we need to look, and to change.

Because finding your truth is hard.  And I know I looked for mine in all the wrong places – hard work, learning more, more hard work, but avoiding the inner work, and THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND YOUR TRUTH.


It’s not easy, but it is worth it.

Let me know how you get on xxx

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