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Everyone keeps asking me who my dream or ideal client is, but I don’t know! I just want to do my thing.

This is probably the second most common challenge that my clients come up against; the first being the temptation to appeal to a wide market.

Identifying your dream client is an invaluable piece of work though, and it forms a substantial part of the work that I do with my own dream clients. Once you understand who your dream client is, everything becomes so much easier.

If you are struggling with this and still have a wide target market, then read this post first.

6 Reasons To

There’s more to identifying your dream client than the market you will find them. Your dream client has some very special traits that you need to narrow down.

Let’s look at client attraction a different way. Have you ever hired a resource for your business, or in a past career? Well a dream client is a very necessary resource for your business. You need clients to make your business successful; dream clients are the SMART way to make your business successful.

When you are hiring a resource for your business, you stack them up against a few key things:

  1. Skills and expertise
  2. Qualifications
  3. Experience
  4. Values
  5. Whether or not they’d be a ‘good fit’

And given that clients are a resource for our business, why wouldn’t we do the same?

For example, number 1 on the list, Skills and expertise.

Are your dream clients just starting out in the journey you can help them on and need a lot of hand-holding, or have they got some experience in your field and you can start your work with them on a deeper level, or bigger scale?

Similarly, what qualifications do they need to have to work with you? This might not be formal qualifications, but perhaps they need to complete steps 1 and 2 of your program before they can enrol into your high end coaching or consulting. How do you pre-qualify them?

Next up, experience. What experiences do your dream clients have in common? What common problem or pain points do they experience?

Values are hugely important to being able to work together. What is most important to you? Is that what’s most important to them? If you don’t share some common values, then it could be tough to work together.

And that is why I say that enrolling dream clients is the SMART way to build a successful business, because working with less-than-perfect clients is a real energy drain. So surely you would want to work with people who energised you to go on and attract more dream clients?

Finally, identify those traits that would make them a ‘good fit’ for your business. If you’re all about having fun, and they are more serious in their outlook, you might not be a good fit. Similarly, if you like to work at a fast pace, those who work slower or are less action-oriented than you might not be such a good fit to work together.

Filling your coaching or consulting practice with dream clients puts the lifestyle back into your lifestyle business.

Mindset & Message Mastery will provide you with the tools to understand what is getting in your way, on your way to success. It will help you connect the dots to Confidence, Clarity and, most importantly, Clients.



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