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I want to capture the essence of what it feels like to be overcommitted and still say yes to a massive opportunity.

I shared with you (somewhat excitedly) on Friday night that I had taken over the reins at Coach School (if you didn’t see that message you can read it here ) and the past week and 2 weeks prior when I had to keep it quiet from you have challenged me in ways that I couldn’t imagine.

It’s been a real wrestling match with my own mindset, as well as the practical challenges of also putting together a launch for my new video series (invitation below). Throw in a sick child, a 12 year old’s birthday and my husband putting his back out, and it’s really been a perfect storm. (And it’s not over yet.)

What have I learned though?

Well, I’m not sure that the learnings are fully formulated just yet, but here are my observations…

Everything seemed to come backwards

Yes it would have been nice to have the launch complete or the insurance claim that I am progressing agreed before I committed to a major investment, but it doesn’t work that way when you are faced with an opportunity to back yourself.

Funnily enough, when I left my day job it was similar.

Both times, rationally, there was every reason not to take the leap, but the feeling inside was overwhelming to lean into the discomfort.

Business advice comes in many forms

Because this was one of the bigger decisions I’ve had to make so far, I sought out some advice. I asked my in-person mastermind, I asked my accountant, I asked experienced negotiators, and I asked my woo people.  Everyone’s point and advice were equally valid.

And at the end of the day, I trusted that feeling.

I cannot do it all myself

If I am to make the most of this opportunity, I am going to need help. Help with logistics, help with housework, help with spreading the word, help to move my body, help to make my work better, help with everything really! I’ve even sought help around my relationship recently to make sure that those things that support me best (health, family, relationship) are in tip top condition, so that I can continue to take steps forward.

It’s time to quit martyrdom.

That being said, it’s tough as we circle back round to things not coming at the right time, it’s hard to outsource when we’ve been conditioned to wait until we have everything in place first.

But even reading that back, I can see how dumb it sounds. Minds are tricky things indeed.

Going into debt

Well, wow what a learning and experience this is!  There is so much going on around this right now for me.

How I shouldn’t spend money before I have it – that’s bad.

How ‘real’ businesses run on debt for years before being successful – this is a good and grown up thing to do.

And other shifts have occurred like taking a far less emotional look at the numbers and looking realistically at what it takes to recoup the investment.  As well as really getting a sense of taking a far more birds’ eye view of the business, rather than client to client. Interesting…


So much to celebrate – bringing my plans forward. Stepping up and out in a bigger way. Excited for what the future holds. Giving myself a pat on the back for leaning in when there were so many reasons to stay where I was.

Stepping Up as a Leader

There are some things that are necessary when you uplevel. You need to communicate with people in a bigger way. People are watching what you are doing when you leap into the unknown, and they do want to hear from you. That can be tough, it feels like being pushed out onto that spotlight on the stage (however small the audience) fully unprepared (and possibly naked!) I can remember this feeling from becoming a leader in my day job too, I just have to do it.

Haters Gonna Hate

Well it hasn’t taken long for the haters to crawl out of the woodwork. I am honestly still scratching my head about this, because I just don’t understand it.  Still, I guess I’ve made it in some small way!  Just another test that will make me stronger as I continue. That’s pretty much all there is to say on that subject.  Cue ‘Shake It Off’!

I’m still learning, and navigating this new path, and I hope that my sharing has been interesting at least, if not useful. I am so incredibly grateful to have you with me. I’d love for you to leave me a comment below.

With sincere gratitude


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