What can I do for you?

Whether you need a one-off comment, or a regular segment filled, I can help.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

faviconYou are looking for an engaging speaker for your event
faviconYou are looking for guests to appear on your podcast, FB live stream, Radio or TV Show
faviconYou need fresh, original articles for your print or online magazine or blog
faviconYou are looking for a regular contributor in the form of a column for your newspaper, newsletter or blog
faviconYou need an expert quote for an article you are writing

Some of the places I have been featured

Hi, I’m Lorraine Hamilton and my clients call me their SECRET WEAPON in their businesses.

I am the founder of and custodian of the Facebook Group The Coaches Community.

I am the creator of Side-By-Side Coaching and Above The Noise Mentoring Program as well as the owner and lead trainer of the internationally accredited Coach School.

I am a returning guest trainer for Emmy Award winner Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Club, as well as the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat.

I am also the resident coach for ROOOAR Magazine and author of Thin[k] Program: The Smart Woman’s Guide To Effortless Weightloss.

I’ve been previously featured in  The Huffington Post, Coaching Life Magazine, Inspired COACH Magazine, Muse MagazineRaspberry Magazine,, Her Magazine, as well as a number of podcasts and international telesummits.

I’ve completed certified training in: life coaching (LCH Dip), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Prac), Timeline Therapy, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy and Neuroscience.

I have been awarded by Conquer Club in both 2015 and 2016, and was instrumental in 2degrees’ 2015 win ‘Most Improved’ company for engagement from IBM Kenexa.

I have 1.2k fans on Facebook, 5000+ members of The Coaches Community and 1500+ email subscribers.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Contact Details:


faviconPhone: (0064)(0)22 053 8580

faviconPhysical Address: 35 Callender Terrace, Paraparaumu Beach, Wellington, NZ.

 My Story.

faviconI knew wanted to be doing something different when I grew up.

faviconI completed a degree in sound engineering and I loved being behind the scenes.

faviconI was never the ‘details’ person – the musician learning the intricacies of learning an instrument.

faviconI was the engineer that took their work and made it BETTER.

faviconI never wanted to be the star, I want to make the stars.

faviconAnd now I help my clients see how they are the stars, and I help them shine.

My Work

I bring a unique perspective and curiosity to my work. I have a way of making people at ease whilst gently and expertly challenging their deepest ‘stuff’.

The result is similar to my engineering background. We deconstruct everything and then put it back together better than it was – usually with some parts leftover, but it turns out they were just gumming up the works anyway!

I use simple tools that address powerful stuff and all whilst having fun!  (Yes mindset work can be fun!)

My Inspiration

My inspiration for this business came from living this business!

I started out as a life coach who had no clue how to stand out from the crowd, and by following the rules, blueprints and advice I just got caught up in Imposter Syndrome and fear.

When I began to break those rules, I realised that I didn’t have any competition and that I could truly do things my way.  Once I realised that the information was actually holding me back from being me, I ditched it, followed my gut instinct and starting doing things back-to-front and upside down.

That’s when I began to learn what works, and what made me stand out from the crowd.

Making A Difference

Basically I’m anonymous where I live. All my work is online and global; I like it that way.

One day I decided to get out of the house and do some work in a local tearoom. I love this place. It’s called Over The Teacups and they serve Devonshire Teas on fine china with dainty tablecloths and whilst playing 1940s music.

This particular visit happened not long after it had changed hands. I went in and ordered my lunch at the counter, and the server (who was also the owner) used my name. I thought, ‘Boy that is some customer recall!’ having only been in once since the changeover, but no!  She was actually a member of my Facebook Group and on my mailing list, and she watched all my videos!

She said she looks forward to sitting down with a cuppa and watching her, ‘Lorraine videos’!

Random Fact

The strangest thing I think I’ve ever been called in regards to my business is probably a midwife!

Keeping Going

The moments where I have wanted to give up have been when I haven’t properly planned and it shows! I recognise this as a mindset challenge though – I need to go all in for it to work.

I’ve committed to just…keep…going for the past few years.

Now when I look back, I can see that I have come so far, there’s no way I’m giving up now!

My business is going to have a massive impact on the world, but not through me directly. It’s going to be through those clients that I work with who are doing the REAL GOOD in the world and changing it.


I am just empowering them to do that as best they can. When they shine, the world shines.

Coach School – the art of masterful coaching:

  Coach School is here to give you all the tools, frameworks and skills you need to be a successful coach, and the freedom and flexibility to develop your own coaching style.

  You’ll get fill in the blanks templates to build your coaching business in half the time, and with twice the confidence.

  You’ll have the space to be unique, in fact we encourage it.

  Coach School is a world class and globally recognised, coach skills training provider and business incubator that gives you the confidence to say, ‘I’m a coach’ and mean it.


Side by Side – a coaching experience like no other:

  • Powerful mindset coaching for high achievers who want to eliminate self-sabotage, silence their inner critic and bust through their upper limits.
  • I reframe fear so that the only option is forwards.
  • I work in partnership with my clients.
  • What makes this coaching different is the way it is structured to make the most of the relationship. Rather than regular sessions, I work intensively with clients, then break for new blocks to rise, before working together again to build resilience. Long term ongoing support is built in.


Above The Noise – mentoring to stand out from the crowd so uniquely and authentically, it’s as if the competition has melted away:

  • Drawing on a decade of experience of building my coaching practice online, clients find their own purpose, and their unique way to speak it on and offline.
  • Clients claim the confidence and clarity to stand out in a powerful and purposeful way.
  • No blueprints or cookie-cutter approach.
  • Clients will create a stream of messaging that is irresistible to their perfect clients.

✓ I love talking and writing about:

  • Self-sabotage and Inner Criticism
  • Healthy Mindsets for Success
  • The Paradox of Safety vs Entrepreneurship
  • Leaning In
  • Coaching as a career
  • Building An Online Profile
  • Online Messaging and Positioning
  • Client Attraction

✗ I’m not the person you need if you want to talk:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Traditional Business Coaching