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"Working with Lorraine really opened my eyes…"

"It has become very clear who our target market is and there has been a visible reduction! I now know exactly where I need to head and have the tools and confidence to do so.

Lorraine has shown me the light and opened my mind to things I didn’t know about my own business!"

Nicky Remkes, Events Organiser
Tom, Dick & Harry

"Lorraine was both really nurturing and powerful. "

"I came to Lorraine for support when I was being held back from moving forward because of a big emotional wound from my childhood that I didn't know how to get past. I felt frazzled and lost and desperately needed warm, strong, feminine support. My session with Lorraine was incredibly sacred. She was both really nurturing but also powerfully guided me through some visualisation exercises that helped me to heal and transform my wounds. Throughout the session I felt like I was being held and respected with such love, and that she was someone who really knew what she was doing. Lorraine helped me to bring healing to an important part of myself and I will be forever grateful to her for that."

Layla Saad
Wild Mystic Woman

"Lorraine comes with something that is new and innovative and her unique approach really attracted me."

In my opinion her program is worth thousands of dollars compared to the other marketing ‘formulas’ that I have tried.
Lorraine is not at all pushy or salesy, and she has a genuine desire and love of seeing people succeed.

Trilby D Johnson, Energy Alchemist and Transformative Writer
The Connective

"Lorraine’s sharp insights and ability to zero in on a person’s mindset set her apart from the pack. "

There are those who try, and those who DO… Lorraine does it and with expert style and finesse.

Nancy Marmolejo, Founder of Itenco
Talent and Genius

"Lorraine is the queen of message, mindset and communication"

Working with Lorraine has been fun, eye-opening and has made a massive difference to my mindset, message and business overall. Lorraine is my secret weapon in business and I work with her regularly to keep my mindset in check.

Bianca McKenzie, Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist

"Lorraine is beyond awesome and boy does she know her stuff!"

I always end up with having numerous light bulb moments as well as a really good laugh!! She is the perfect example of why coaching works and is a must investment for anyone running a biz.

Barbara Nixon, Leadership Coach and Course Designer

"I had already heard soooo many great things about Lorraine so I was not surprised to be blown away, but what she can do with just a few words blows my mind!

Thanks Lorraine for such amazing insights!"

Maria-Ines Fuenmayor, Branding and Business Designer

"Lorraine Hamilton is amazing!

She has completely eradicated my worry of being trolled and with that helped me move through my fear of judgement. She also helped me figure out how to separate my worries from my fears + gave me the tools to easily disregard the worries. But the BIGGEST thing that Lorraine helped me with was helping me to be more open to receiving anything good that comes my way – compliments, praise, money,opportunities – instead of deflecting it away from me. This is HUGE + she helped me reframe things in a way that nobody else has done before. Thank you so much Lorraine, you really are a miracle worker

Rachel Shillcock, Brand and Web Designer

"Lorraine Hamilton is an amazing mindset, messaging and positioning coach!"

"She is warm, funny, insightful and gives incredible over delivery in value with clear, models and shares her knowledge generously.”

Jul's Arthur, Professional Organiser

"Lorraine has such a talent with her techniques, a gentleness but also a lack of BS in perfect measure!”

To work with someone who listens to what you need, guides you without telling you what to do and who understands that the line between personal and business is very deeply connected has been so beautiful."

Amanda Freeman, Reiki Master & Mentor
Inspire Natural Therapies

"I learned more in 2 weeks working with Lorraine than I had in over a year of trying to figure it out by myself.

It just keeps getting better and better."
Rikki Ayers, Woman In Charge

"After just one session with Lorraine, it began... "

- my shift away from my 12+ years of self-sabotage into an entrepreneur who could finally trust her intuition and freakin' go for it. Lorraine is my favorite mix of supportive and plainly honest, from her insights to her straight up knowledge of the most effective ways to put yourself out there online. The moment I start to doubt myself, I email Lorraine, we set-up a session, and I get right back on my path. My professional and personal journal is permanently improved thanks to Lorraine's support.

Victoria Klein, Burnout Mentor
Behind The Boss Mask

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