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Before I head off for this weekend I have something BIG to share with you!

First off, I am rubbish at keeping secrets! When I worked in corporate my team knew when I had to keep something from them because I hated doing it so much. And this has been just as hard to keep from you.  Which is why I am so pleased that it has taken a relatively short time to come to fruition.

So without further ado, I am thrilled and proud to be able to tell you that I am the new custodian of COACH SCHOOL.

Now for those of you who are wondering what on earth COACH SCHOOL is, let me tell you.

COACH SCHOOL is an established life coach training skills course that has been delivered all over the world for the past decade. It has been ICF Accredited and provides aspiring coaches in any field, the skills they need to not only become confident, life-changing coaches, but also give them the knowledge that they need to make their coaching business a success.

I have been a certified coach since 2006, and since then I have been figuring out how to become a successful coach for myself and it has been painful. It’s taken a lot of effort and investment, resilience and inner work to discover what it really takes to have a sustainable coaching career.

During the course of that discovery, I have also come across many providers who are skilled in their profession and have found themselves in a coaching role without the skills and qualifications to back this up. I know many strategists, healers, marketers, nutritionists, personal trainers and so many more who have found themselves uncomfortable in claiming the title ‘coach‘ without adequate training.

I have long held a vision to create an outstanding coach training experience that brings together not only the life-changing skills that world class training provides, but also the hard learned lessons of what it actually takes to create a sustainable coaching practice, and the confidence to do both.

Taking over the reins of COACH SCHOOL allows me to leap forward in that vision and begin serving coaches sooner.

Questions that you might have:

Why buy COACH SCHOOL and not develop my own materials?

Well for two reasons really.

Firstly, I have my own materials; I wrote a coaching skills course earlier this year that is designed to be delivered in person from an experiential perspective. And, quite frankly, it rocks! But, it means that my reach is small and geographical. It was always in my roadmap to create the substantial materials required to share my philosophy and ethics of coaching virtually, I just knew that it would take me a very long time to do it to the standard that I wanted for myself and my students. COACH SCHOOL has been written and developed to that standard, and shares the same philosophy and ethics as I do.

Secondly, I LOVE the name COACH SCHOOL! I have been aware of COACH SCHOOL for a long time, and I always thought that it was such a great description of what it is. When it came up for sale, I just had to investigate further and the content did not disappoint!

It is true that I could have waited and written my own material, however the parallels would have been many and when I examined the real drivers to want to do this, I realised that the only thing at play was my ego. My true driver is to educate, train, and support more coaches into the profession to support the growing number of clients. When I looked at it that way, it seemed cruel not to get this training to its students as soon as possible.

It also gave me an opportunity to think and act a whole lot bigger. What would a CEO do with this opportunity?

Is COACH SCHOOL a licensing or franchise deal?

No. I fully own COACH SCHOOL and have full rights to do whatever I want with it. No-one else has rights to use the COACH SCHOOL name or materials in this way. It is owned outright by me.

What does this mean for you?

Well, not much will change outwardly in the immediate term. I will still be talking about mindset for business, and I will still be sharing as I have been. My own programs, Above the Noise and Side-by-Side will continue as will the new, free experience I have been preparing for you called 7 Secrets To Confidence, Clarity & Clients.

But what it will mean is that you will be one step closer to realising your dream of becoming a world class coach fully supported to become successful and confident in your coaching career, if that is something that you dream of.

I will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure that COACH SCHOOL accurately represents my voice and ethics, and I will be reopening the doors just as soon as I can.

What can you do?

If you want to be kept up to date with COACH SCHOOL developments, reopening dates and any special offers, then please visit and register for updates so I can keep the communication as clean as possible.

Will you be offering discounts when COACH SCHOOL reopens?

Of course! I want you to share in my excitement. I still have a lot of things to work out with regards to delivery, pricing, assessments, certification etc so I am not in a position to share what these offers might look like right now, but there will be deals to be had.

I hope you feel just 1% as excited as me right now, and if you have more questions about COACH SCHOOL feel free to leave them in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Yours, excitedly



  1. Hi Lorraine, Pete Hundley here. I saw your coach school prices on a different computer. But I can’t find it on my phone. Im highly interested in taking your class.

    I’m an internet marketer, without success. Haha, but many times it’s the teacher that coaches the rock star.

    Well, after realizing my strengths and liabilities I’ve realized I can help others but not always myself.

    I’d like to invest in your course. Please lead me to your enrollment link.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your message. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, please check your email for my response and invitation to Coach School.



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