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I love creating resources that are genuinely useful for coaches entering the industry.  The resources on this page are all created from years of testing what really works, and being in the trenches with my fellow coaches.

From globally recognised training and certification through to the cornerstones of coaching in today's world, there is something for every coach at every stage of the career, and at every budget.

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Coaching Cornerstones

Do you want to know how coaches are really succeeding today?

I spill the beans on how I actually make my living from my coaching skills and business. You might be surprised to learn where my income comes from.

I'm shining the light on why what you're currently doing to build your coaching business isn't working.

I'm going to reframe how you price for your coaching services that removes any emotion or 'value proposition'.

And, I'll show you how the biggest obstacle to the success of your coaching business is actually....YOU!

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Coaching Quest

It all begins with Coaching Quest...

Coaching Quest is an adventure into your own personal discovery that results in crystal clear direction for your coaching practice.

It works because it is all about YOU, first and foremost.

Regardless of where you are currently, there are smart ways to reach the next level.

You see most of what you might have learned about getting your coaching business off the ground is wrong for today's coaches.

That's why I created Coaching Quest. It's different to any other program that is available because it walks you through the process of creating your own map to success, not someone else's.

Coaching Quest will help you create the framework you need to get you through the next 6-12 months in your coaching business based on what you already have.

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Above The Noise Mentoring

The key to Confidence, Clarity and Clients is standing out above the noise so uniquely and authentically, it's as if the competition has melted away.

Lorraine has learned that it takes a blend of Mindset and Messaging mastery to attract the perfect clients to your practice.  In this tried and tested program, you will learn what it really takes to make a living from making a difference.

Choose to work alone, or get me on your team with you, to really elevate your coaching practice.

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Coach School - Certified Professional Coach

In order to be the most confident and effective coach you can be, you need world class training.  The ICF Accredited Certified Professional Coach certification from Coach School gives you exactly that.

Learn from Lorraine, who has been a practising coach for over a decade, what it takes to become a masterful coach.

Coach School is here to give you all the tools, frameworks and skills you need to be a successful coach, and the freedom and flexibility to develop your own coaching style.

  You’ll get fill in the blanks templates to build your coaching business in half the time, and with twice the confidence.

  You’ll have the space to be unique, in fact we encourage it.

  Coach School is a world class and globally recognised, coach skills training provider and business incubator that gives you the confidence to say, ‘I’m a coach’ and mean it.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

One off Clarity Session

Whilst I don't offer one-off coaching sessions as a general rule, I have found over the last decade, that usually that feeling of 'stuckness' comes from a lack of clarity.  In this 90 minute session, you will experience newfound clarity on why you can't seem to achieve your goals, or even identify what your goals might be!

We will work through my tried and tested process for values elicitation and values aligned goal setting.

Just bring an open mind, pen, paper and post-it notes, and I will do the rest!

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Side-By-Side Coaching


As the name suggests, in Side-By-Side, I will walk alongside you as you navigate your own unique path. I will expertly and gently hold a mirror up to you when you get in your own way.


Perfect for launchers, self-sabotagers, perfectionists and chronic procrastinators.

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Your Own Coaching Brand

Your Own ICF Accredited Coach Certification

You've built your brand, your tribe can't get enough from you, and they want more.  It's time to scale up and bring quality coaches onto your team, delivering your content.

You don't just want anyone though, you want coaches worth their salt.  But you're far too busy making an impact to be able to create your own coaching certification, and go to the trouble of having it accredited.

That's where we come in.  Talk to us about how you can leverage our certification under your brand.

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