Lorraine is a former engineer, part time stand up comedian, voracious tea drinker and wannabe race car driver. She is also the creator of


Coaching System®

The SWITCH Coaching System is the bedrock of her two signature programs:- 

  • The Coaching SWITCH Coach Training 
  • The Success SWITCH online course

She has spent the past 17 years coaching ambitious high-achieving women, writing books and mentoring hundreds of other coaches to greater freedom and success.

This led to her being hand-picked by the Emmy award winning media entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil to become Program Director at the cutting edge and global ICF accredited coach training provider Coaching Evolved.

She believes that leadership with a coaching approach is what the world needs right now, and having previously led a team of engineers to creating an award-winning culture, she knows a thing or two about it.

I am Senior Adviser to Women in STEM+
I am Program Director
I am Licensee and Main Organizer

Senior Adviser to Women in STEM+

Program Director of the Transformational Embodiment Coach Certification Program

Licensee and Main Organizer of TEDxKapiti 2022

When you go after what you want, you

inspire others

to go after what THEY want.

Curious about working together?

I work predominantly with women coaches. When I first started my own business I wanted to help everyone! If someone asked me who my ideal client was I'd simply reply,

"Anyone. I can help anyone!"

Almost two decades on, I now see that not everyone is my ideal client.

In case you’re wondering  if YOU are one of them, read on.

About Me

I believe…

That every woman deserves success by her definition.  When women give themselves permission to be successful, it organically gives every other woman around her permission to do the same.

That the coaching industry is going to continue to grow, and that the best coaches need both personal and professional support.

Most women have the blueprint to success inside of them, however the decades of ‘good girl’ conditioning have blocked them from accessing it.

Most coaches focus on the strategy of success, not what’s going on underneath.

This goes far beyond mindset.

I value…


Women have been told what and how to BE for as long as we can remember. Personal agency including financial security is my goal for every client I work with. Agency results in the flexibility and freedom that my clients crave.


Learning about yourself will give you the biggest gifts... ...if you stick with it. "Just keep going..." is my mantra. Things will go wrong, results will be unexpected, mistakes will be made.


Embracing what we don’t know and diving into a mindset of curiosity rather than perfection is what keeps us in motion.


In a world of algorithms, aggressive marketing and hustle culture I stand as a beacon of honesty and transparency.


Nurturing a high vibe of hope and positivity keeps our mind open to focus on solutions and overcome challenges.

I promise...

  • I will treat you as an individual, not a number.
  • I will be a role model, and embody my values.
  • I will show you what you cannot see.
  • I will say what others will not.
  • I will champion you as you become the woman you were born to be.

If this is feeling good so far, then choose where you would like to go next…



How did I go from designing mobile phone networks empowering some of the worlds’ leading coaches?


Step 1 is to head over to my Work With Me page to see what your primary focus is.

Let’s do it! 


No problem, I can help with that. 

Keep reading 😊

Stay on this page…

I’m currently onboarding new coaching clients and students who want to build unshakeable confidence, and 

make a living from making a difference.


are ready to take the next step in their coaching career or business, but they have internal beliefs and inner fears that are holding them back which result in them staying stuck

are aware that they have inner blocks and are open to learning more about themselves

are willing to do the work to overcome whatever is holding them back to create their wildly successful life

understand that results are not linear and have no regard for time

are self-motivated and willing to commit and invest in themselves

recognise the power of having an expert coach to check in with

are motivated and will ask for help when they need it


You need perfectionism. If a broken link or missed email will irrevocably break your trust in me, then we are best not to work together.

You want me to do the work for you, or tell you what to do. There are times that we will draw on my experience, but I am focused on you finding your Authentic Impact, not mine.

You want me to take 100% responsibility for you. I treat my clients as adults and expect them to ask for what they need.

You need to get results immediately. Whilst many of my clients do, there are no guarantees and bringing that kind of pressure into this work sabotages it before we begin.

What if you could have a powerful impact by giving yourself permission to be wildly successful?

(Whatever that looks like to you.)

And what if you could do that without compromising who you are?

You are a brilliant woman...

You absolutely can.

My proprietary approach – The SWITCH Coaching System® – is the secret ingredient to your lifelong success recipe.

Whether you want a fresh approach to your coaching, or you need your own transformation, the secret is in the SWITCH.

Lorraine is accredited by the International Coaching Federation at their high PCC level.

The ICF is the gold standard of ethics and best practice in the coaching industry and she is proud to hold this credential. In addition, Lorraine is an accredited coach trainer and runs world class international coach training for some of the biggest names in the industry. You are in the safest and most professional of hands when you work with Lorraine.