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From expert chameleon to purple-haired coach living on her own terms

About Lorraine

Hi there, I’m Lorraine Hamilton, and maybe you’re here because of my purple hair. You wouldn’t be the first! Most people are drawn to me because of it. It tells them I’ve got a bold streak, that I don’t take myself too seriously, and that I live according to my own rulebook.

All of that’s true, but it hasn’t always been this way. 

Before becoming an executive coach and speaker, I was a radio frequency engineer, first in Scotland where I was raised, and then in New Zealand where I’ve lived for over a decade now. At the peak of that engineering career I was leading my team so effectively that the whole office culture was modelled on us. 

Nothing was “wrong” with my engineering career. I wasn’t unhappy, but I didn’t feel I was being 100% myself either. I was going through the motions at my day job to keep that steady paycheck while running my executive coaching business on the side (and dreaming of creating my own coaching certification).

Of course, there were all sorts of challenges, some that I relished more than others, but one of the biggest came a few years ago when I had to make a choice between my job… or my parents. 

One day, my parents announced they were travelling all the way from Scotland to come visit for three weeks. The problem? I didn’t have any annual leave left. 

I had to choose whether to:

  • Quit the job I’d worked so hard for, trust that I could provide for my family with just my coaching business income, and redefine what success looked like for me and the people I coached

  • Or stay a chameleon and miss this last-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with my parents

You can probably guess which one I chose. And while it was wrenching to leave a job I was great at, and while I was scared to be 100% me in my coaching business, it was the first time I really became the leader of myself, my life, and my true desires, not just the leader my career expected me to be. 

That’s when everything changed. 

That’s when I became a true role model to others and magnetic to ideal clients. 

That’s when the grey lifted and life got richer, more colourful, and more fulfilling. 

That’s when I created the concept of legendary leadership.  

Legendary leadership means choosing the temporary discomfort of change over the permanent discomfort of staying where you are.

At its core are the essences of CLARITY and COURAGE.


My Vision

    To inspire one million womxn to step into their glorious technicolour lives by embodying all that they are, and can be…. fearlessly.

My Mission

  • To encourage and support you to live your life in glorious technicolour.
  • To focus on making a living from making a positive difference.
  • To aid your search for clarity, courage and commitment to consistent action.
  • To celebrate with your wins, and raise the bar just when you thought you had reached it!