What Is Legendary Leadership?

If you truly knew your worth would you….

“Lorraine, I’ve been hearing you talk about Legendary Leadership recently, but what does it mean?”

Legendary Leadership is the term that encompasses my whole body of work. From my private Executive Life Coaching practice through to Coach School and the ICF Accredited Coach Training program that I offer.

We are all leaders in our lives, and some are more successful than others. 

Legendary leadership means choosing the temporary discomfort of change over the permanent discomfort of staying where you are.

Legendary leadership is about making bold decisions and being authentic and genuine while you are doing it.  It’s not just for leaders of corporations, it’s for everyone.

You talk about living in technicolour, how does that fit in with the concept of Legendary Leadership?

Many successful people, especially women in my experience, are doing really well on the face of it, but underneath the surface they don’t feel successful.  They’ve worked hard, broken through barriers and glass ceilings, but they are still left feeling significantly compromised.  I call that living in the shades of grey.  When you step fully into who you are 100%, it’s like someone switch the TV from black and white to full blown colour.  It’s a really important part of Legendary Leadership and is the first step to becoming that Legendary Leader.  That’s where the magnetism is – being 100% you.

Why is it so important in times of change to be a leader?

Well it’s important all the time, but most people fear change.  We are hardwired to not want change.  Where we are right now is the safest place for us, and even if we logically want change, actually making it happen can be really tough.  Hello, procrastination and self-sabotage.  Recognising this and working with it, is what allows us to navigate change, and lead others through these uncomfortable times with grace.  

This means understanding how you respond to stress, and how others respond.  It means knowing how to move through feelings of intense discomfort that we might have learned to avoid growing up.  It means recognising that my model of the world is not the same as your model of the world and a whole host of other things, that allow you to manage change in a way that is safe for you, and safe for those around you.

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