How To Get People Talking About You

How To Get People Talking About You

Coaching questions to empower yourself and others

In an uncertain financial climate it can be easy to contract into what you know. The temptation is to wait for the storm to pass, and that is what many people are doing right now.

But what if there was something that you could be doing, that is super low risk, and has amazing returns?

Would you be interested in learning more?

Of course you would.

There are always still tons of opportunities, even in tough times.

People still need leaders to guide them through these troubled times.

By taking a coaching approach with those around you, you will position yourself as one of those leaders, and people will naturally begin to talk about your as someone who can weather this storm.

In essence you are building a sales team.

And the best bit?

You’re doing it by making them even more empowered and feeling great about themselves.

It’s a win-win.

Remember that great quote by Maya Angelou?

“People don’t remember what you tell them,

they remember how you make them


Well that is exactly what taking a coaching approach leads to. Think about it.

I could tell you what to do, I could show you, or I could have you see yourself able to do it for yourself.

Which is most empowering?

Empower those around you…

Want some of my favourite coaching questions?

Answer them for yourself first, then try them out with clients, team, peers or even your kids!

  • What ideas have you come up with so far?
  • How uncomfortable are you willing to get?
  • What would you love to be able to do that you don’t believe you can…yet?
  • What’s more important, your goal or the challenge you are currently facing?


Taking a coaching approach can be a shift for many, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

And to make it easier for leaders and consultants, I am teaching The Coaching SWITCH program later this year.

Contact me at if you are keen to learn more and build your sales team this year.

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