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When was the moment you realised that in your pursuit of success you’d met other people’s needs so many times that you’d ended up neglecting your own?

On the face of it you have it all, but on the inside you feel like anything but.  The thought of wanting more makes you feel guilty when there are so many people around you who have so much less.

At work you wish you were a better partner or parent, and at home you worry about not being dedicated enough at work.

The energy and effort to separate the parts of your life is taking its toll and whilst you are undoubtedly successful, you are feeling like a failure in almost everything you do.

You just don’t know how much longer you can keep all the plates spinning.

No-one tells you how lonely success can be, do they?  The constant narrative to be grateful is all well and good, and you are grateful, but also wondering where you lost your sense of self in amongst everything that you are grateful for.

Are you ready to stop living in shades of grey?

Here’s the thing. You don’t need to hit rock bottom to feel trapped in the good life you’ve created.

  • What if you could still be as successful, but be 100% you at the same time?
  • What if you no longer compared yourself to others and always came up with a long list of where you come up short?
  • What if imposter syndrome no longer crippled you and silenced you?

Doesn’t that feel so much better, easier, aligned?

Introducing... Side-By-Side Executive Life Coaching

Working with me is part life coaching, part career coaching, part business coaching.  

Working with me is having a safe space to be you, explore what really matters, try it on and then confidently take it out into your world.

My clients work come to me for a number of reasons:

  • They’ve worked with a coach before and know the power of having someone on their team that is there to help them develop personally and professionally.

  • They want to build their confidence and visibility 

  • They want ideas to make their business even more successful

  • They want to feel connected to the positive impact of their work again

  • They thrive from external accountability and challenge

Lorraine's Clients Say

What’s it like to work with me?

Every client is different and I love providing a sacred space that is just for you.  It’s one of my superpowers, but that makes it tricky to explain exactly what it is like to work with me!

I see you as 100% unique and am skilled and trained to bend and flex to what you need when you need it.

This means that one session might be deep, personal discovery work and another might be working through the nuts and bolts of your priority goals and tasks.

One session might be all about communication skills, and another might be rewiring your long held conditioning that is holding you back.

One session might be me reviewing your sales copy and identifying language where you minimise yourself, whereas another might be developing healthy boundaries.

Every client relationship is different and tailored to you.  There is no one size fits all, or cookie cutter program here.

“I came to Lorraine for support when I was being held back from moving forward because of a big emotional wound from my childhood that I didn’t know how to get past. I felt frazzled and lost and desperately needed warm, strong, feminine support. My session with Lorraine was incredibly sacred. She was both really nurturing but also powerfully guided me through some visualisation exercises that helped me to heal and transform my wounds. Throughout the session I felt like I was being held and respected with such love, and that she was someone who really knew what she was doing. Lorraine helped me to bring healing to an important part of myself and I will be forever grateful to her for that.”

Layla Saad

Author, "Me & White Supremacy"

There are some things I can tell you to expect though…

  • You can expect to complete some initial information before our first session. This tells me a bit about yourself and your goals for Executive Life Coaching.

  • You can expect to be led through a values elicitation process in session two.  This is my one absolute non-negotiable. Regardless of how familiar you are with your core priorities, we will revisit them.

  • You can expect to complete some reflection in advance of every session to let me know where you want the session to head.

  • You can expect to set the agenda in each session so you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • You can expect to have me on your team for at least 6 months, often longer.

As a result of working with me you can also expect:

  • To be more confident about who you are and how you want your life to look.

  • To be well on your way to developing and achieving goals that align with that.

  • To be far more aware of your stressors and how to manage them effectively.

  • To be clear in your purpose in this world and how you are important.

  • To be ready for more and stepping up to make more impact in your life, career or business.

  • To have a greater appreciation of what makes us all different and how to make that work to your advantage in a way that is aligned with your values.

  • To know what it is to be a legendary leader in your own life and step out of the shades of grey that you have been hiding in.

Meet Your Executive Life Coach

Hi there, I’m Lorraine Hamilton, and maybe you’re here because of my purple hair. You wouldn’t be the first! Most people are drawn to me because of it. It tells them I’ve got a bold streak, that I don’t take myself too seriously, and that I live according to my own rulebook.

All of that’s true, but it hasn’t always been this way

Before becoming an executive coach and speaker, I was a radio frequency engineer, first in Scotland where I was raised, and then in New Zealand where I’ve lived for over a decade now. At the peak of that engineering career I was leading my team so effectively that the whole office culture was modelled on us

Nothing was “wrong” with my engineering career. I wasn’t unhappy, but I didn’t feel I was being 100% myself either. I was going through the motions at my day job to keep that steady paycheck while running my executive coaching business on the side (and dreaming of creating my own coaching certification).

Of course, there were all sorts of challenges, some that I relished more than others, but one of the biggest came a few years ago when I had to make a choice between my job… or my parents. 

One day, my parents announced they were travelling all the way from Scotland to come visit for three weeks. The problem? I didn’t have any annual leave left. 

I had to choose whether to:

  • Quit the job I’d worked so hard for, trust that I could provide for my family with just my coaching business income, and redefine what success looked like for me and the people I coached

  • Or stay a chameleon and miss this last-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with my parents

You can probably guess which one I chose. And while it was wrenching to leave a job I was great at, and while I was scared to be 100% me in my coaching business, it was the first time I really became the leader of myself, my life, and my true desires, not just the leader my career expected me to be. 

That’s when everything changed. 

That’s when I became a true role model to others and magnetic to ideal clients. 

That’s when the grey lifted and life got richer, more colourful, and more fulfilling. 

That’s when I created the concept of legendary leadership. 

You will receive all of the benefits of my extensive training and experience in a container that is safe, supportive and effective.

By the end of this coaching program:

  • You will know what your priorities are at every level of your being and be confident to make decisions that honour them.

  • You’ll be the Legendary Leader of your own life.

  • You will make choices and take action that is aligned with all of you.

  • You will be able to prioritise yourself and feel good about that (knowing that it is in best service to everyone else.)

  • You will be able to calmly communicate what you need

  • You will be able to make bold decisions from a truly authentic and genuine place.

  • You will have the courage to back your own convictions 100%

You will be living in glorious technicolour and have shed your chameleon suit once and for all.

How it works:

Your two sessions a month give you the space to implement your learnings and insights without losing momentum.

In-between sessions you will be expected to complete homework that is assigned to you in relation to the content of your coaching conversations.  Sometimes that will be to journal on something, sometimes it may be to practice something.  My value is in not prescribing a program, but responding to what you need in the moment, and embedding that with the right activity to solidify it.

The value of having dedicated space for you to download, process and work through whatever you need has long been appreciated by executives in order to ensure peak performance at work.

Side-By-Side is about giving you what you need to be at peak performance in every aspect of your life.


Executive Life Coaching is a minimum 3-6 month commitment and pricing ranges from $995 – $2500 per month.  (New Zealand residents will be charged GST)

If that sounds like you, then please complete the following application to get the wheels in motion. 

Is this for you?

Side-By-Side Executive Life Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You have course fatigue and are ready for some focused one-on-one attention

  • You are sick of feeling like an imposter at work and/or at home

  • You know you are technically successful, but that’s not enough anymore

  • You are ready to put yourself first, with my help, for greater impact

  • You are ready to step up and become a legendary leader in your own life

  • You are ready to stop sacrificing yourself, but need someone to show you the way to a more aligned way

What do you have to lose?

I want to ensure that you get the best from Side-by-Side and in order to ensure that it is the best fit possible, enrolment is via invitation after an initial call with me.  This is the best way to ensure that you do not waste any time or money on a program that is not the right fit for you.

If you are in any doubt after speaking with me it is probably best not to enrol.

Occasionally, even with the best of intentions by both parties, a program may turn out to be less than perfect. In these instances a pro-rated refund may be issued. They are on a case-by-case basis and you will need to demonstrate that you have made every effort to make the most of the coaching provided and communicated your ongoing results accurately.  

No guarantees can be made for this type of coaching, however a promise of best intentions to serve is always in place and expected from clients also.

Final thoughts…

If you’ve made it this far, then you are probably closer than you have ever been to putting yourself first.  Now is the time to press the Apply Now button.  If you don’t, how long will it be before you allow yourself to get this close again?

I know how easy it is to keep pushing through and putting yourself to the back of the queue again and again, but that means that we could be having the same conversation a year, two years, five years from now.

How will you feel after another five years of what you are currently doing?

The pattern that you are in worked to get you where you are, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be.

Apply Now and let’s take one safe step towards your technicolour life.  It’s just one step.  

And I’ll be right by your side.