SWITCH On Your Purpose & Potential

SWITCH On Your Purpose & Potential

Finding your calling can feel like a lifelong battle for many brilliant women, but it’s simpler than you may believe. 

Note: I said “simpler”, not necessarily easier.

After almost two decades of SWITCH-ing on brilliant women’s purpose and potential, I have a proven process that gently and effectively guides you to your own self-empowerment so that you can then empower others too.

This is the SWITCH you have been searching for.

Suspend Judgement

Who gets in the way of most women’s brilliance?  We do.  We get in our own way all the time.

So the first step in the SWITCH process is to Set Aside your own judgement of yourself.  We must remove the inner critic voice that keeps you from allowing yourself to dream of what you can be.

It starts with noticing the inner critic narrative and recognising that this is just a part of you that is keeping you small.  Overcoming the inner critic can take a lot of work depending on how deeply rooted it is, so consider working with a coach if you are having trouble with it.

What do you want?

This is often the hardest question that I ask my clients who are struggling to put themselves first.

You can use your Set Aside skills to not get caught up in other people’s expectations of you, or what you feel you “should” want.

This is about getting clear on YOUR passions, dreams and goals.  The way you get clear might not be in an image or plan.  You might instead get a ‘sense’ of what you want to be doing, where you want to be, or who you want to be with. 

Don’t be limited by one sense.

They don’t have to be lofty if that is truly not what you want, neither should they be stifled by your fears of what others might think.

You are not sharing this with anyone other than yourself.

Inquire about how you feel now...

Going beyond the cognitive is what makes the SWITCH stick.

When you think of your vision or goal, how does that make you feel?

Where do you feel that in your body? What colour is it? What shape is the feeling?

Again, don’t limit yourself. This is what makes the SWITCH different to other processes you have tried before.

Next, for contrast, complete the same process for how you feel about your current circumstances.

Notice the differences in feelings and presentation.


Most coaches move into planning mode at this stage and try to design a ‘bridge’ between where you are now and where you want to be.

In my experience, this is not as effective as transforming the energy and feelings that you have about your current circumstances.

There are countless ways to perform this transformation.

Here is just one that you can try…

Leaning into the feelings that you explored when you thought about your passion, purpose or calling in the previous step, what core value was most present?

e.g. strength, courage, wisdom, freedom, adventure…

If that value were to take the lead in your current circumstances, what would be different?

What would it look like to let that value take the lead?

Clarify this new perspective

From the position of letting your core value lead your current situation, what can you see now that you couldn’t see before?

What is open to you now that was not previously?

And how can you stay in this, new more empowering perspective and energy for longer?

Take notes on your answers to these questions and they will lead you to the steps that you can take towards your purpose and potential.

Remember, the actions that you design here are to keep you in that empowered and resourceful state provided by letting your values take the lead.  It is not about designing a plan to get you from where you are to your vision.

Your actions will easily lead you there by spending more time in your new perspective.

Harmonise and embody

Now that you have identified the actions that will keep you in that resourceful state, it’s time to check in on the ecology around you.

Are there any impacts on others that you need to be aware of?

What is the ripple effect of staying in this state?


Hopefully you can begin to see that by embodying your new perspective, there are layers of benefits and that your actions become easy and lead you towards your purpose and maximise your potential.

Hi, I'm

Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton is an award-winning coach.

She is also a former engineer, part time stand up comedian, voracious tea drinker and wannabe race car driver.
Lorraine is the creator of the The SWITCH Coaching System® and has spent the past 17 years coaching ambitious high-achieving women, writing books and mentoring hundreds of other coaches to greater freedom and success.

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