The Introvert SWITCH

The Introvert SWITCH

The majority of coaches that I know identify with the term, ‘introvert’.  They will happily step back from the spotlight in order for their clients to shine.

It is true of the best leaders I know too.

But being an introvert in what feels like an extrovert’s world can be hard.  

And when we try to run our businesses using an extrovert’s playbook, rather than our own things often don’t work out, or feel good.

Fortunately Coaching SWITCH graduate Hayley Maxwell is an expert business coach specialising in helping introverted service business owners to thrive in their introversion.

In this conversation we dive into the difference between being an introvert, and fearing visibility, why introverts (like me) can be amazing public speakers (and stand-up comedians 😂) and still dread networking events.

Hear about it all, and discover some real, practical strategies and tools to apply to your coaching business.

Hayley Maxwell

Hayley Maxwell is the host of The Unstoppable Introvert Podcast which you can find anywhere you get your podcasts.

To learn more about Hayley and her work (which I highly recommend) you can find her at

Hi, I'm

Lorraine Hamilton

Lorraine Hamilton is an award-winning coach.

She is also a former engineer, part time stand up comedian, voracious tea drinker and wannabe race car driver.
Lorraine is the creator of the The SWITCH Coaching System® and has spent the past 17 years coaching ambitious high-achieving women, writing books and mentoring hundreds of other coaches to greater freedom and success.

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