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Confidence Catalyst™.


Thousands of past clients have called this training …


Will you be next?

Live training on January 28th NZDT @ 10am

This workshop is like having 3 private sessions with me (value) $1500.

If you have a lifetime of people pleasing behind you and are ready to embody genuine, authentic confidence, then there are some things you need to know that are NOT TRUE…


Mindset is everything.

The latest neuroscience proves that this is absolutely not true.

Embodiment is the answer.


Fake it ’til you make it.

Ew! Faking anything feels inauthentic to you, right? 

There is another way.


Get out of your comfort zone.

But how do you get past the fear?

Let me show you…


You want a foolproof method to authentic impact that results in unshakeable confidence.

Live training on January 28th NZDT @ 10am

Are you holding yourself back and keeping yourself small?

Sound familiar?...

You second guess yourself

You fear criticism

You keep pushing down those feelings that you could do more, be more

You kick yourself for not speaking up

You compare yourself to others

You accept lower status, set small goals, stay invisible.

You catch yourself saying “Oh, I could never do that.

Now it’s time to lead with confidence and play much, much bigger!

You’ve put yourself to the back of the queue for long enough…

…it’s time to put yourself first for a change.

Most programs focus on a specific strategy to achieve a specific result. But this type of approach can leave you feeling even worse than when you began because key fundamentals have been ignored.

Without understanding this foundation you can invest huge amounts of time and money and still end up feeling exhausted or not achieving the results you dream of.

the most effective and sustainable way to get what you want Is Not About strategy.

Here’s a crazy question for you.  

What if you could?…

...start that business you always dreamed of...

...ask for that raise or promotion at work...

...enter that creative competition that you've been putting off

...write that book that you've started in your mind over and over...

...ask for what you need in your relationships...

...finally put yourself first?

Sound too good to be true?

Hang tight. I’m about to show you exactly how.

This is life-changing… 



First we take stock of the truth of your current situation so that you can get really honest about where to focus your energy and attention first.

Hint: It’s not always where you think it is.



We’ll turn traditional thinking on its head and tackle your priorities from a completely new angle.

Hint: This is what makes confidence building a breeze.



Knowing is not the same as doing, and doing is not the same as being. You’ll leave the workshop embodying confidence in a way you can build on day-after-day.

Embodiment is the answer.


  • Join this LIVE training and you’ll get 5 days of bonus support, feedback and coaching in our pop-up Facebook Group.

Live training on January 28th NZDT @ 10am

You’ll leave with:

  • absolute clarity on your priorities
  • a connection to your passion and gut instinct
  • a step-by-step plan to confidently achieve your limitless, technicolour life

You’ll quit:

  • feeling like you’re not good enough/smart enough/brave enough
  • comparing yourself to others
  • saying ‘yes’ when you mean something else 

I love teaching this training, and it has impacted literally thousands of people since I created it…

This is life-changing!

Early in my coaching career I knew that I needed to get to the heart of my clients’ passions, but the tools that were available to me just weren’t good enough.

So I set about finding a method that was both powerful AND enjoyable for my clients.

I spent years perfecting it from researching many other approaches, research and modalities until I created the core of The Confidence Catalyst Training.

Since then, I have guided hundreds of private clients through it, and I have trained hundreds of other coaches in my approach who have gone on to lead their clients through it.

All report the same thing – this changed their life.

Since then I have updated and expanded the training to what is now included in The Confidence Catalyst™, and my full training, The Authentic Impact Blueprint®.

What you can expect when you enrol in The Confidence Catalyst LIVE Training…

3 x LIVE training sessions

Each training session will last for 45-60 mins with short breaks. You will learn and complete exercises in these sessions.

Coaching and Q&A

Being there LIVE ensures that your questions will be answered personally by Lorraine, and you will walk away with clarity on your goals and priorities.


Before the training starts you will receive a PDF file to print out the worksheets for the LIVE sessions.

BONUS Pop Up Facebook Group

Get additional support, feedback and coaching from Lorraine for the week after the LIVE workshop in our private Facebook Group.

Top questions you might ask before enrolling…

If you feel this way then you are perfect for this LIVE training! I wouldn’t expect you to feel confident at this point, but you will very soon after you get started.  You’ll also redefine what success means and looks like.  Embrace these feelings and lean in.

This is like nothing else you’ve ever seen and I have designed it to be lifechanging out the gate. And I have worked with thousands of people using this process before.

You have all the answers and I know how to get to them for you. Plus, with the additional pop-up Facebook Group, there is plenty of time to get ample support.

I’m sorry to hear that. It’s really important to do your due diligence when selecting a coach or course provider. 

I am not only an accredited coach at a high international level, I am also Program Director at an internationally accredited professional coach certification.

When you work with an ICF (International Coaching Federation) coach you have the comfort that they are willingly being held to a high standard of service provision and ethical behaviour and you are protected by the ICF Formal Complaint Process.

The live calls are at 10am New Zealand time on Saturday 28th January 2023.  Each session lasts roughly one hour.

These calls are recorded and you can watch the replays once they are added to our course platform.

We are committed to constantly improving our DEI policies and we have a number of partial scholarship places available for this experience.

If you are a marginalized womxn then please write to us at

This LIVE workshop experience is offered at a hugely subsidised rate as a way to access my teachings. I stand by this process 100% and as such do not offer refunds for this particular workshop.

I get that, I really do. And if that is really the case then please keep enjoying my free content, but also consider this…

As women we often put ourselves last and this experience helps you to unpack why that is. If self-worth is something that you know you need to work on, then this is the perfect investment to make in yourself.

If you were my coaching client, this is what I would invite you to explore for more clarity:

Tune into your desire to join the workshop – where do you feel that in your body? Now tune into the part of you that is unsure – where is that? What is it saying?
To tap into your intuition, take 5 slow, full breaths to bring your nervous system into alignment and ask yourself for guidance. The ‘head chatter’ is not your intuition, listen for something deeper; often fewer words than you will hear from your mind.
What does it tell you?

If there are more questions then presence them on paper and look at them objectively.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, and would be a perfect fit in the group, what would you do?


This program is about women learning how to thrive in the environments that we find ourselves. The program is empowering to all women.

Fantastic! I can’t wait to welcome you to the workshop trainings.  Keep an eye on your inbox and make sure you have whitelisted

I’ll be sending more information as well as your worksheets.  

To get the best from the experience, wear comfortable clothes, log in from somewhere you won’t be disturbed, have a strong internet connection and have some pieces of paper (like post it notes) and pens etc 

You will want to have some water and snacks close by too.

Still have questions?

Email me or send a FB message,  I’m happy to help.

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