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"MINDBLOWING!" I was almost completely disconnected from my intuition! I'm excited to tune out the noise and trust myself again.
Amanda Freeman
Professional Coach
“My clients are having more success and gaining more confidence. This in turn makes me feel more confident as a coach, knowing that I can really help people make changes in their lives.”
Bianca McKenzie
FB Ads Strategist
"IT WAS INCREDIBLE" I feel so much more in alignment with myself and I am hopeful again for the first time in a long time."
Lydia Cerdhe-Madsen
Parenting Coach
“When I fully embodied the consulting side of my skills as well as the coaching side, my confidence grew, which led to a lot more self-belief and far more opportunities than I was expecting.”
Rose Radford
Evergreen Sales Coach
"Lorraine made me a coach, but she also made me a better leader."
Veronica Armstrong
Empowerment Coach
"Working with Lorraine enabled me to transform my business. I’m a strategist for service businesses and I had the knowledge but I didn’t have the coaching skills."
Sarah Davies
Business Coach



I have been working with Lorraine for over two years in which time she has been an integral part of my support network for me and my business. In order to grow my business as the owner/operator, I have had to do some digging deep and challenge my thinking in order to set myself up for success. 2021 in particular has seen my workload double and bring in larger clients that has required me to work smarter and not harder. In order to do this, I’ve had to take a look at some of beliefs around pricing, my worth and outsourcing the things I’m not great at. I’ve had to listen more to my gut and silence the head in order to take the next steps in my business and get it ready to sustain the growth and do the work that makes my little heart sing. Lorraine is clever at getting the gut, brain and heart to talk to each other, something I thought was airy fairy (gave it a go though) until I immediately saw a shift in clarity and the fog of confusion lifted.
To say Lorraine has been instrumental in my life is an understatement. I started working with her to gain some basic coaching insights and techniques. I ended up with a complete career change becoming a full time life coach, Lorraine has taught, coached mentored and developed me in so many ways. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and love. She genuinely cares and empowers those lucky enough to cross her path, I consider myself fortunate to be one of them and encourage anyone considering working with her to jump in boots and all.



"When it comes to choosing a coaching program, experience and expertise matter. That's why I decided to study with Lorraine Hamilton, a coach with over 15 years of experience. As a coach myself, I use these skills daily to empower academics and help them see themselves as writers, leading to more published work. The Coaching Switch Course offers coaching tools that actually work. Through practice and a tested framework, you can customize your approach and boost your confidence as a coach. Don't miss the chance to join this transformative program!"
Malini Devadas PhD
Academic Writing Coach



“[working with Lorraine] saved our business” When the world was thrown a curveball, the work we had done with Lorraine ensured we were forefront of our industry and instead of floundering we were thriving and leading the way for the whole country in our industry.”
Primary Industry CEO
Lorraine is so fantastic to work with! Professional yet empathetic. She has her finger on the pulse of coaching and is a fantastic leader for the industry. She really helped me focus and understand my thoughts and actions. Highly recommend her!
Senior Lawyer
Lorraine is a unicorn. She can miraculously take my scattered thoughts, worries and goals and turn them into clear and focused actions. She helps business grow and is integral to my business success. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to grow their business as well as themselves.
Senior Designer
Lorraine is an amazing coach who understands the diverse range of problems facing business owners. She listens and has the ability to get exceptional results for clients by asking them to dive deep into the key bottle necks that hold them back. Giving them the tools, strategies and tactics to accomplish the goals and milestones they want to achieve helping them to live the best life they hope for. Through Lorraine’s coaching I was able to achieve quick wins and move towards longer term goals in a short space of time, changing mindset and habits that had previously held me back.
Digital Marketing Agency CEO
Lorraine has a brilliant combination of vibrant energy and extensive knowledge. She was a guest on my livestream panel 'Up Your Brave' on the topic of Courage and Leadership. Lorraine speaks with ease and shared some valuable and actionable insights with the audience especially around her unique concept of "Legendary Leadership". Her years and experience with webinar and workshop presentations as well as speaking at live event was evident and I would highly recommend Lorraine as a speaker, guest expert or collaborator.
Natalie Cutler-Welsh
Visibility Mentor



“My secret weapon” “My clients are having more success and gaining more confidence. This in turn makes me feel more confident as a coach, knowing that I can really help people make changes in their lives.”
Facebook Ads Strategist
“Lorraine’s sharp insights and her ability to zero in on a person’s mindset set her apart from the pack.” There are those who try, and those who DO… Lorraine does it and with expert style and finesse.
Nancy Marmolejo
Executive Coach
“I love how Lorraine makes sense of my stress so I can concentrate on what’s most important” Working with Lorraine has been incredible. In our first session she got to the heart of the matter. As a CEO I value the space to work through stressful situations so I can show up in the best way for my team.”



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