If you truly knew your worth would you….

If you truly knew your worth would you….

After talking with a number of women last year, and seeing it through my private coaching practice as well as with dozens of students I began to realise just how many points of stress and anxiety my newest coaching and training experience will address for the women who raise their hands to be a part of it.

One of the biggest behaviour catalysts that I have seen is not knowing your worth as a woman.  As women, we are quick to put others first – which can be a strength but when it is at our expense, it can lead to women not stepping forward to really claim their place in the world.

Think about it for a moment, if you truly knew your worth and value what would your life, career or business look like?

If you truly knew your worth would you….

  • Raise your prices for your offers?  
    • And if you did, would you make more money working with more and more people, or would it allow you to work less for the same revenue and have more time to nurture you and what’s most important to you?
  • Ask for that promotion? 
    • When you can see the value that your uniqueness brings to your organisation and the value that has for their bottom line, negotiation becomes a lot easier.
  • Say what you think?
    • How many times do you stay silent in meetings and even social conversations because you devalue your own opinion?  Imagine what it would be like to confidently contribute.
  • Be less likely to compromise on what you really want?
    • Flexibility is a key skill, but women can take this to the extreme.  What would it look like if you held your ground just a little bit longer?
  • Settle?
    • If you truly knew your worth and value, would you have the confidence to hold out for what you truly desire and dream of for your life, career or business?

Of course there is a flip side to this, and I would be remiss if we didn’t also address the potential risks or fears of

  • Being criticised.
    • When you start to stand up for what you believe, others will have differing opinions.  That can feel like criticism, but we can look at this engagement in a far more productive way.
  • Not being liked. 
    • Needing to be liked is a strong driver for women and there used to be good reason for that (which I go into in the new course), but now it is safer than ever to have a differing viewpoint.
  • Being seen as arrogant.
    • This is similar to not being liked.  And the truth is that women do need to act a little differently than men to be able to hold power and not be labelled a ball-buster or similar.

But once you begin to understand where some of this bias comes from, you can begin to operate in a far more powerful way without losing your femininity.

Tell me, what would YOUR life, career or business look like if you TRULY knew and acted from your worth?

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