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Where we are so far…

  • A Referral Rich Reputation is created through Confidence, Clarity and Service.
  • The intersection of these themes are Market Position, Authentic Engagement and a Compelling Invitation which is how most ethical coaches want to build their coaching business.
  • What stops coaches from committing to building a Referral Rich Reputation is resistance to positioning themselves at the top of the bell curve.


When you put what I have been sharing over the past few pages into practice, it is like flicking a SWITCH in your confidence, abilities and outlook.


Many coaches that I have spoken to over the years have shared with me that they fear that they are not good enough.  Not knowledgeable enough, not perfect enough, not successful enough, the list goes on and on.  They basically feel unworthy of making a living from making a difference.

The solution to this is to have skills that you are rock solid in.  When you know that you can effect a change in the person in front of you in every…single… session, then your confidence soars.  This comes from knowing how to transform your client on multiple layers.  

Most coaches go straight to solution or goal setting mode, and when that doesn’t work they have nothing to fall back on.

You might be surprised to learn that the content of my coaching sessions are rarely about the topic that the client is grappling with, yet my clients are thrilled with the coaching.

This is because my skills are not about how much I have done, or how successful I am.  I recognise that my skills are to examine the energy around the problem, shift that and then allow my client to review their challenge from this new perspective.

My students and I are 100% confident in our abilities to do that.  (Plus, my students always have me to reach out to for specific client situations, and relax in the knowledge that they are not alone.)

SWITCH-ing from having to have all the answers, to recognising that your role as coach is to work with the energy of the topic, not the topic itself instantly increases confidence and drastically reduces the sensation of competition because the vast majority of coaches simply do not operate this way.


Now that you have SWITCH-ed your own perspective from having to have all the answers and be perfect, you can begin to see the true benefits of what you offer, and the type of clients who are ready for that kind of work.  It is not everyone, and that is ok.  The ones who are ready to engage with you in a true journey of self-discovery and empowerment are very much willing to invest in your services.

Another key aspect of your Referral Rich Reputation is only to select those clients who are most likely to get the best results for themselves, and for your reputation.  There is no benefit to working with clients who are not 100% ready to work with you on their improvement.  When you work with the right clients, your Referral Rich Reputation takes a boost.


Hopefully by now you can see that by SWITCH-ing from the approach of the majority of other coaches, you are already serving in a new way.  You can afford to share your ethos and approach widely (a bit like this mini-site) rather than hide behind low priced offers and tripwires designed to trick your client into working with you at a higher level.

Serving first is authentically helping and values aligned for the best coaches I know, and it is also contributing to your Referral Rich Reputation because it is easy to stay in integrity.

It really is like flicking a SWITCH.


The market is saturated with coaches, and this is a very good thing.

Whilst most are spending all their time and resources fighting in the middle of the bell curve for the same clients, the BEST clients are waiting to be served by you.

The coaching industry is still booming, however it is undergoing another evolution. 

The coaches who recognise this and respond to it will benefit, whilst the cost of client acquistion in the ‘busy middle’ will continue to climb.

Whilst most coaches are entering the industry as ‘Amy’, there is a massive opportunity for ‘Claires’ to thrive.

The business model is super simple, the overheads are low, and the rewards are high.

Building a Referral Rich Reputation removes the need for competition and icky marketing tactics.

A Referral Rich Reputation is the antidote to spending all of your time creating content and building a list of free subscribers who may or may not purchase your coaching.

When you build a Referral Rich Reputation the heavy lifting of building trust is significantly lightened and no-one needs convincing or coercing – it’s just two adults deciding what is the right next step for them.

How refreshing!


I would love to see more coaches enter the industry with ‘Claire’s’ outlook.  It will save so much burnout and expense, resulting in more skilled and successful coaches in the industry and raising its reputation in the process.

Over the past 8 years I have committed myself to finding ways to help coaches SWITCH to a new way of being that supports them and their clients.

I developed the SWITCH Coaching System® for that very purpose.

The SWITCH Coaching System® is everything you need to become a masterful coach.

There are two unique mechanisms that make up  The SWITCH Coaching System® – The SWITCH Coaching Model the the Pillars of the system.

Bringing them together harnesses a power in your coaching that leads to your very own Referral Rich Reputation meaning you can leave all the Amys to fight it out in the centre of the bell curve and take your place at the top of the tree as a Professional Coach just like Claire.

If this is all making sense to you and you are feeling deep in your bones like YES this is the breath of fresh air that you have been needing, then join me below where I will walk you through each step in The SWITCH Coaching System in more detail, right into your inbox where you can save it forever!  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • One email a day for a week that walk you through each stage of the SWITCH Coaching Model and the pillars of the SWITCH Coaching System.
  • A template for you to print and use for your own coaching sessions using the SWITCH Coaching Model.
  • Where to find out more about joining me in The Coaching SWITCH course where I train and support coaches in all aspects of their craft.

If sharing your email with me at this stage feels like too high a price to pay for that, then I understand and wish you well with what I have already shared with you.  I hope that you are leaving feeling served and have a warm, fuzzy feeling associated with my name. I hope we meet again.

Otherwise I will see you on the other side for more coaching goodness and goodies!

Yours in coaching, 

Lorraine Hamilton

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  1. I love your approach. Seems authentic and in integrity. I am active on LinkedIn and see so many posts about tools for coaches to use. For a while I was trying to work out the difference between a coach and a therapist. I have settled into the therapist role and would love you to refer people to me…….those people who are not ready for what you offer and need some more personal intense support first.

    1. Annette, thanks for your comment. It is so important for us to know the role that we are performing and I am pleased that you have settled into your role and identity as therapist. I have a number of counsellors and therapists that I refer clients to, and I encourage coaches to do the same. I also encourage therapists to see the value in coaching for their clients at the right time. There is definitely a need for both roles, and I successfully coach many clients who are concurrently in therapy; it’s all about respecting each others’ role and working together for the benefit of the client.

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