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Where we are so far…

  • Most coaches spend all their time, energy and resources in the competitive middle of the bell curve.
  • When you take a different approach like Claire, you can organically make a (great) living from making a difference, much more easily than the ‘Amys’.
  • The key to organic growth leading to recognition and the best clients is to develop a Referral Rich Reputation.


A Referral Rich Reputation is a reputation that builds trust before prospective clients even meet you.  Business has been done by referral forever. We trust the recommendations of our friends and colleagues. We want to know that we are making smart decisions and investments, and that comes from not being the first to take the risk on a new provider.

Read these testimonials, how do they make you feel?

"To say Lorraine has been instrumental in my life is an understatement. I ended up with a complete career change becoming a full time life coach, Lorraine has taught, coached, mentored and developed me in so many ways. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and love."
Sonia McIndoe
This is by far the best coaching program I've ever done! It was fun, professional, well designed and packed full of game changing content. This course has not only given me great tools to use, it has reignited my passion for coaching and built back my confidence.
Clair Merrall
Certified SWITCH Coach
"I'm getting so much out of watching Lorraine in action. So powerful."
Sandra Maddison
Business Consultant
Thank you for being such a transformative leader in the coaching space Lorraine. The Coaching Switch has had such a positive impact on my work and approach to coaching and I can't wait to further this in 2024!
Hayley Maxwell
Business Coach for Introverts
"When it comes to choosing a coaching program, experience and expertise matter. That's why I decided to study with Lorraine Hamilton, a coach with over 15 years of experience. As a coach myself, I use these skills daily to empower academics and help them see themselves as writers, leading to more published work.
Malini Devadas
Academic Coach
"Working with Lorraine enabled me to transform my business. I’m a strategist for service businesses and I had the knowledge but I didn’t have the coaching skills. Learning from her was so enjoyable and I love her teaching style. I now only do coaching and have a booked out signature program, a mastermind group as well as a number of VIP 1:1 clients. None of this would have been possible without the skills I learned from Lorraine."
Sarah Davies
Business Coach
"Lorraine made me a coach, but she also made me a better leader."
Veronica Armstrong
Corporate Leader & Coach
“When I fully embodied the consulting side of my skills as well as the coaching side, my confidence grew, which led to a lot more self-belief and far more opportunities than I was expecting.”
Rose Radford
Wealth Coach
“My clients are having more success and gaining more confidence. This in turn makes me feel more confident as a coach, knowing that I can really help people make changes in their lives.”
Bianca McKenzie
FB Ads Strategist

When we see people like us taking the a leap that we are on the brink of taking, it’s like someone extending their hand to help you over the gap. It says, “I trust this person, so you can too.”


If you are not thrilled at the prospect of constant content creation and marketing, and would rather spend the bulk of your time working with clients, then your Referral Rich Reputation does the heavy lifting of client attraction for you.  When you have a team of former clients and colleagues vouching for you, it’s like having your own sales team out there working for you 24/7. 

A Referral Rich Reputation is something that grows and grows, provided you are investing in the right activities to support it.


I reverse engineered what it takes to create a reputation that results in clients who readily refer, get results and sometimes even write me songs as testimonials… 

It’s true – you can see a client testimonial/song I received here >>

There are three main themes to consider when you are building a reputation for getting great results with your clients.

Confidence – you need to be able to create a safe environment for your client to reach the best results they can. They need to feel confident in you, so you need to feel confident in you.

Clarity – it takes you getting exceptionally clear about who are the very BEST clients for you and your business. Who are the people who will get the best results from your work and approach, and will they refer more amazing clients to you? Being ultra clear on this, and being willing to say ‘no’ to those who do not meet that brief solidifies your integrity and helps your network identify who are the best referrals to make.

Service – genuine connection and authenticity come from really getting to know those clients well, even if it means that they don’t work with you.  The most common complaint that I hear from coaches who have been stuck in marketing tactics is that they don’t feel as though they are being their authentic selves.  They are so focused on making the sale, or appealing to the person in front of them that they sacrifice their values in favour of the ‘conversion’. Yuck.  Empathy and serving first is the answer.



You know exactly who you are talking to and where in the market your offer fits. You also see the enormous value that you have to that client and therefore you need fewer to reach your financial goals.


When you are clear on who you serve best, you can serve them best.  The conversation that you have with a prospective client is service in itself.  You are helping them to get clarity even then. When you can demonstrate your deep understanding of their challenges, you can make a powerful invitation to work together 


When you claim your genius and marry it with taking a service first approach for your prospective client, you can confidently say, ‘I see you, I know what scares you the most, and I can help.

It’s a bit like this mini-site. By providing you with all the information you need, without any barriers, you are being empowered to make the right choices for you.  Basically, you are being treated like an adult, unlike most of the icky marketing tactics out there, which try to coerce or manipulate.

When you understand how these themes and their intersections are connected, you can begin to really build a business filled with clients that you love, and who love you back.

When they love you back, and refer their friends and colleagues to you, that is when you have cultivated a Referral Rich Reputation.

And there is no funnel in sight.

Just genuine conversation and connection.

No-one needs convincing or co-ercing, it’s just two adults working out what is the best for them. 

Refreshing, right?

Let me be clear, there is a place for automation in your business, and there is also a time where introduction of tiered offers becomes not only effective, but necessary.

I encourage you to think carefully though, about when that is for you.

If you are just starting out, and need to build your confidence and bank balance, then build your referral rich reputation first, before leveraging your delivery.

I’m thrilled to see more people questioning the up-sell funnel model, especially when they are beginning.

Remember to check out this report.

If you already have a large following of willing buyers you have a bit more flexibility in your offerings, but I still encourage every coach to start with 1:1 services.

You will learn so much about yourself and your clients that way.  I know a lot of coaches who only do group work, but they struggle to get the depth of experience that can be achieved in 1:1.  I also know a lot of coaches who refuse to give up their 1:1 clients (myself included), and they are all skilled, trained, Professional Coaches.


The Referral Rich Reputation coupled with the upside down business model (from this report) may make perfect sense, so why doesn’t every coach do it?

The biggest challenge to coaches fully committing to developing their Referral Rich Reputation from the get-go is their own inner critic and whether they deserve to position themselves as the expert that they are.

This is a real problem, especially for the women coaches that I work with. 

Confidence is key.

And, as we know from the Evolution of Coaching, this is not just a ‘mindset issue’.

Remember you have a choice to be Amy or Claire – who do you choose?

Read on to find out exactly what ethical and successful coaches need in order to:

  • overcome their resistance to positioning themselves at the top of the bell curve,
  • removing the need for competition and
  • finally making a living from making a difference.

The answer to resistance lies on the next page. It's time to flick the SWITCH!

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