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I love the coaching industry, it has been my passion since I stumbled on it in 2005. Some of what I am sharing may appear to attack the industry that I profess to adore. But the level of unethical behaviour under the label of coaching is something that I can no longer stay silent about.  And it is time that you heard it from someone who has been on the inside as a coach, and has worked with countless other coaches and heard their horrific stories so that you can be 100% clear on your next steps as a coach. So what is the future of the coaching industry? I aim to answer the most common questions and concerns in these pages.

Is now a good time to become a coach? 

Isn’t the market already saturated with coaches?

Have I missed the boat?

What about A.I. IN COACHING?

If we haven't met before, hello and welcome to my digital home...

My name is Lorraine Hamilton and I am an ICF accredited coach and coach trainer originally from Scotland, but who now calls New Zealand home. 

My mission is to assist the coaching industry to thrive with successful, ethical coaches who make a living from making a difference.

I have been in the coaching industry since 2006 and have witnessed much change over that time.  I have also had the privilege of supporting thousands of coaching clients and coaches in a mentoring and training capacity.

I aim to answer the questions above, and outline the future of coaching over these pages.

It is also my intention to help unravel some of the myths of modern coaching and equip you with what you need to become a successful, ethical coach.

With nearly 20 years in the industry as a coach then coach trainer and mentor, I have a lot to share here.  The good, the bad and the plain ugly. 

I have broken it up across a number of pages to make it more digestible and accessible.  My hope is that you engage with me along the way.  Share your thoughts and comments with me, and let’s have an open discussion. 

In the meantime, I shall leave you to read on…

The coaching industry has been experiencing a sustained boom over the past decade and a half, and there is no reason to believe that will change.  More and more organisations and individuals are recognising the need for support to excel in their careers, health, any area of their life.

And with the onslaught of coaching opportunities, comes the onslaught of coaches.

Coaches who have seen a real opportunity to make a living from making a difference and creating a career that is purposeful, flexible and lucrative.

Coaches who have invested their life savings into programs and mentors (I won’t call them coaches) who have told them what they need to do without taking the coach’s circumstances into account. 

Coaches who then find themselves focusing more on social media, marketing, list building and creating masses of content about a subject that they have barely gotten started with.

The pressure to get clients is untenable which results in an almost pyramid scheme of coaches selling ‘business coaching’ to coaches a few steps behind them on the journey.

It’s a veritable minefield that coaches need to navigate.

And sadly many struggle to get off the starting blocks, and quit before they have ever had a paying client.

These are the stories that I hear every…single…week.

I do believe that the resulting industry that has sprung up to support sell to coaches and online business owners is confusing the fundamental goal of most coaches – to make a living from making a difference.

If you seek to make a living from making a difference, then read on, I have good news for you.

Market saturation in the coaching industry is actually a great thing for you. 

It’s true! One of the biggest questions that prospective coaches ask themselves today is whether or not the market is saturated with coaches already.

It’s true that there are a lot of coaches operating in the industry, but this is a good thing. It means that people are looking for coaching.

I can also tell you that there is plenty of opportunity for great coaches to join the industry.

The key is learning how to stand out from 90%+ of other coaches out there.

Then you can quit competing for online attention whilst making a (great) living from making a difference, and that is what I am going to show you here.


The boom of the coaching industry in the past two decades has been explosive which has led to a sea of coaches all trying to find their clients online.

The future of the coaching industry is assured for those who are informed and willing to consider perspectives that contradict much of the advice of recent years.

It may sound counterintuitive, but a saturated coaching market is exactly what you need to stand out and make a great living from making a difference.

(Much of what I am sharing here will feel counterintuitive at first, because it flies in the face of most of the noise out there.)

What does the coaching industry look like today?..

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