I’ve gone from designing mobile phone networks to empowering thousands of women into their limitless lives.

How it all began…

I think you might like this”.

Those were my husband’s words as he handed me a copy of “Coaching For Performance” by Sir John Whitmore.

I was standing in the kitchen of my home with my laptop whirring in the background. 

It was churning out countless iterations of a climate model I was running as part of an Open University course I was doing to see if I wanted to be a meteorologist. (Yes, really.)

I was 32 and home with two under 2’s having left my engineering career in less than perfect circumstances.

I knew I needed more than coffee groups and toddler company.

I was also 4 years into recovery for severe depression and anxiety brought on by a lifetime of ‘people pleasing’.

I was actively searching for my calling.

People talk of a lightbulb moment 💡, of not being able to unsee what they have been shown? 

That moment was it for me.

The processes in that book were exactly how I wanted to support people, so that they didn’t have to go through the pain that I had been suffering my entire life.

I had found my calling.

That led me to certify as a life coach, then an NLP Practitioner, then add more and more modalities to my skillset to ensure that I could help my clients accelerate their success without having to suffer, or be re-victimised in the process.

I was excited for the future, but I had never run a business before. In fact my only experience was watching my dad struggle all through my teenage years and beyond as he tried to be his own boss.  It hadn’t ended well and so I embarked this new journey with an extreme amount of trepidation.

No-one tells you that starting a business is the biggest personal development journey you will go on. (There, I just told you!)

From learning how to talk about what I actually did, to dealing with rejection, low sales, learning marketing and that there really is no way around being visible in this work.  

At times it all felt like it was too much.

But there was that constant thread of, “this is what I am here to do.

Of course, in the beginning I tried to help everyone.  I wanted to save the world.  But I realised that I am a contributor to change.  

I don’t have to do it all on my own.  

I also realised that I am not a great fit for all clients, and that I am better working with individuals that suit my values and approach.  

It’s a win-win.  

That is why I am explicit about the people who will get the best from working with me.  If you are not that person, that’s cool.  I have loads of amazing coach friends who I can refer you to.

I care most about women undoing a lifetime of conditioning to give them infinite choice and agency over their lives.

The more I spoke to the clients that were having the greatest leaps from my coaching, the more I found they had in common.

They were women who, on the face of it, had everything.

Great job, or a passion fuelled business, nice home, good family, relationships, friends and hobbies. 

But underneath all the ‘success’ was a people pleaser with an intense imposter complex who was waiting for it all to crumble around them.

They felt that they didn’t deserve success, and that they were not able to hold onto it.

And what was most interesting to me was the struggle they had with answering the question,

“What do you want instead?”

They would tell me all about the things that they didn’t want, but couldn’t tell me what they wanted in their hearts… 

…because no-one had ever asked them before.

In order for me to serve the women that I had found, I knew that 1:1 coaching wasn’t going to cut it. 

They needed to know that they were not the only one going through these feelings, thoughts and challenges. 

And I had a ton of teachings and resources that I was sharing one at a time. 

I knew I had to focus on one main offer that was going to serve these women in the best way.

It was super scary because I had been doing ‘all the things’ to try to make my business sustainable over the years.

Going all in on my program Feminine Success Accelerator to accelerate women’s income, influence and impact meant giving up large parts of my business.

But yet again, I heard the whisper,

"This is what I am here to do"

The first moment that I knew it was all worthwhile and working was when I first ran my program live in 2021.  

The bringing together of a small group of women, in a safe space where they could support each other as well as un-learn much of what they had been taught generationally was a proud moment.  

And those moments continue now.  

As each woman takes the time to do the inner work required to see external results they become a role model for the women who look up to them.

And THAT is how we will change the world.

I’d love you to be a part of it.