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Overcome Your Results Blockers

Discover the 5 Results Blockers,

and how they relate to your 3 Intelligent ‘Brains’

Welcome to this 24 minute training on Overcoming YOUR Results Blockers, I am so happy that you are joining me to learn more about what could be potentially holding you back from living that bold, authentic technicolour life that I know you deserve.

Blast Off!! Workshop

Connecting You With Your Heart’s Values

I highly recommend watching the Overcome Your Results Blockers Training before completing this workshop.

I am beyond excited to bring this training to you. We are going to have some fun AND you will get true clarity on what is most important to you right now.

Why is that important?

Well, because if we don’t pay attention to what is most important to us and acknowledge it, it has a tendency to come back and bite us. Most values trainings are dull and surface level. They provide a list of words and get you to pick some and maybe, just maybe your coach will ask you to journal a little on them or ask you why you chose what you did.  This is completely different!

When I first learned about Values Elicitation it was painful!

Basically my trainer taught me to ask what was important over and over and over until you wanted to
hit me!

This workshop is a beautiful and intentional blend of activities that will lead us to the truth of your core priority values right now.

I say right now, because our values change over time and in relation to what is going on for us in our lives.

The gift of this workshop is not the outcome, but the process itself. Revisit it often.

Ready? Let's BLAST OFF!!


  1. Download and print this workbook
  2. OR grab some sheets of paper and a pen
  3. Got sticky notes? Great! If not, some small pieces of paper will do. 
  4. Brew your favourite cuppa
  5. Get comfortable and SMILE!

This workshop takes about an hour to complete. Stop and start the video until you have completed all the steps.

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