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I am often asked about the situation of the coaching industry and what I think about coaches who are operating without any training or recognised qualifications.

My response is to share an analogy of the building industry.  

In the building industry there are master craftsmen who have committed much time and resources into volunteering to be scrutinised and held to a higher standard.  They do this by choice because they know that they can attract a better quality of client, who respects this and is looking for a credible supplier.  The master builder knows that continued investment in their standards and credentials is in line with their values and vision for their career.  The client has guarantees and a prescribed mediation process if they are dissatisfied and cannot remedy a solution with the service provider.

The building industry is also home to what have come to be known as ‘cowboys’.  They have no qualifications, are often aggressive in their sales techniques, do a shoddy job (often for cash) and take no interest or responsibility when things inevitably go wrong.  This leaves the client with a long and often expensive route to resolve the mistakes.

And the building industry also has a large number of skilled DIY-ers who have no formal training, but take pride in their work and know that they can complete a job well.  They also know when to call in help for specialist services like electrics and plumbing.  These skilled DIY-ers is happy to help out friends and family with jobs at a lower cost than a master builder and will likely end up with a similar result, but they know the difference between helping someone out, and appearing to be something that they are not.  They have integrity.

The coaching industry is remarkably similar. 

There are master coaches who choose to spend their own time and money being skilled, scrutinised and supervised because they recognise the line that they walk in their work and want to assure their clients that they are in the safest of hands.  They also choose to adhere to a universally agreed code of ethics and conduct which results in a clear reporting pathway should a client believe that they have been unfairly treated.

The ‘cowboys’ in the coaching industry are those who are jumping on what looks like a lucrative bandwagon, and want a slice of it.  They believe that they can tell people what to do and that clients will flock to them and pay them for that information.  Many do, sadly.  The cowboy coaches likely have no training or appreciation of the trauma that their advice can trigger, and when challenged, often turn the blame back on the client for not “wanting the transformation enough.

And there are also great amateur coaches who have a natural gift for helping others to see their own path forward. They may not have formal training but this is their natural way of being and they often help others.  They rarely charge for this help and see it as a way of giving back.


Whilst the vast majority of coaches are competing in the middle, there is tons of opportunity for you.

“But Lorraine, where will I find clients if the market is saturated, and all the clients are in the middle of the curve?”

You need fewer clients than you think (and I will detail what that looks like in a bonus report in Step 4 of this mini-site).

There are still plenty of great clients outside of the middle of the curve, who are looking for quality coaches just like you. 

Market saturation means that plenty of people are buying coaching, but the best clients are not in that middle section.  You need to know how to stand out to the best clients.

This is for you if:

  • you want to be seen as credible rather than famous, 
  • you’d rather be professional than adored, 
  • you prefer a quieter approach to business, 
  • you’d rather be respected than envied 
  • you want to build a sustainable and ethical business from improving others’ lives.

This is NOT for you if:

  • you are here to cash in on the coaching boom and make a fast buck. 
  • you are seeking influencer status rather than being the catalyst for change in the background.
  • you want to tell people what to do instead of guiding them to their right path.*

*There is a place for consultants who want to help their clients achieve better outcomes from their advice. If this is you, then keep reading.


The internet is the new land of promise.  It’s the modern day equivalent of heading off to Hollywood to seek out your fame and fortune.

But is that really what you want?  

Because if you are, that is going to take far more resources and skills than purely coaching. Today online coaches are expected to be expert marketers, copywriters, funnel builders, content creators and video editors before they enroll their first paying client.

Or are you seeking a way to make a (great) living from making a difference?

If you are, then there are easier ways to do it. And you don’t have to buy into the noise online to become successful.

The recent boom in the coaching industry has spawned a whole support industry of its own with VAs, social media managers, SEO professionals etc not existing just a few years ago.  

And their favourite client?  


Coaches are being sold to at a frightening rate, all because they have bought into the idea that they have to have all of these bells and whistles to be successful.

But I have been in the business since 2006 and the great news is that I am seeing a trend in the opposite direction.  Back to the old school methods which suit most of the coaches that I work with.  Those coaches who are in it for their clients, not the perceived fame and fortune that the Instagram influencers are selling. (*spoiler alert: most of them are not coaches. See cowboys above.)

The truth is that you do not need another strategy, content plan, SEO tool, website widget or course on TikTok/Reels/Threads to make your coaching practice successful.  All you do need is a contract, means to deliver your coaching and a means to accept payment.  I will show you more about this soon.

If you know deep down that there is no magic bullet, and are ready to step away from the shiny crazy online madness;

If you are ready to ditch competition and don’t relish the thought of being on social media all the time, then you are going to love what I have outlined for you in the coming pages.


“I didn’t even have to give you my email address to access this mini-site. What gives?”


How often do you find something that looks supremely useful only to be teased into handing over your email address and then suddenly your inbox is full of sales emails telling you how amazing it is that you found this provider at that very moment, because didn’t you know that they were having a sale right now?

Or something similar.

The truth is that I love the coaching industry and I am fed up having conversations with aspiring coaches who have spent their life savings on training and mentors who have not delivered.  I can do little to help them at that point.

I am providing this information so that as many people as I can reach can enter the profession with their eyes open so that they can get started quickly, effectively and ethically.

There is also a part of me who likes to rebel against the ‘rules’ and demonstrate that there is another way to become successful in this field.

And honestly, I want to provide you with information that you can trust, so that you see me as trustworthy and you may come back to me at a future date to learn from me, or you may feel secure in sharing my work with other people in your network.

You see, that is how I have built my coaching business, and how I continue to build it today.

(Yes I have a social media presence, but that is not where my sales come from. My sales come from relationships that I have built over time, and creating a Referral Rich Reputation. I’ll spill the beans on how you can do the same in Step 5.)

Ready for a quick history lesson?..

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