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Thin[k] Program: The Smart Woman's Guide To Effortless Weight Loss

The Thin[k] Program has revolutionised the lives of women lucky enough to attend a live Thin[k] workshop. This book is the essence of those events and more.  It will guide you effortlessly through a 6 week program that will change the way you look at food…. forever.

topics Covered

It's Not Your Fault

This section empowers you to make educated food choices based on biochemistry, not the advice you may have heard before.

Thin[k]ing Slim

This topic is designed to reconnect your mind and body so that they work better together. This section showcases the power of your unconscious mind.

Thin[k]ing BIG

This topic examines what is most important to you in life and guides you step-by-step to creating achievable plans to attain your life goals, including health.

Thin[k]ing For The Future

This topic is all about creating sustainable mobility and longevity without having to subscribe to a punishing gym regime if that's not your jam.


Laid out in a thoughtful and easy to digest learning + journal format. Thin[k] Program is easy to put into practice straightaway.

Author spotlight

Lorraine Hamilton is a life coach, engineer and mother whose passion is to empower smart women stuck in bodies they no longer recognise.

She shows them that it is not their fault and how to make educated choices and take control of their minds and bodies once and for all for a happier, healthier and longer life. 

Lorraine Hamilton

Readers say

I’m amazed that such simple changes to my lifestyle and attitude can have such a positive effect. I’m elated and so grateful to Lorraine.

Georgia Irving

I thought I’d be happy when I was thin, but now I realise that in order to be thin, I need to be happy.

Andrea Lawson

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